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    Americans deserve the truth about Ron Paul

    Upon reading Taylor Kessinger’s editorial regarding presidential hopeful Ron Paul (“”Ron Paul? More like ‘Wrong Paul,’ Friday), I came to the realization that it is paradigms like his that contribute to the continued tragic world of politics today. Mr. Kessinger attacked Dr. Paul’s policies as fantastical. However, it is he who needs to wake up from his fantasy that the status quo need be unchanged and that our continued imperialistic and militaristic policies are necessary.

    The only reason to have U.S. troops stationed overseas is if national security is threatened. What national security threat does Japan pose? Germany? Saudi Arabia? Iraq? The list goes on. Our continued military presence abroad only breeds hatred and terrorism, and there is no reason to continue spending more than a trillion dollars a year to support this needless empire.

    Kessinger attacks Paul’s desire to eliminate the IRS and other agencies. This attack is not only warrantless but also irrational. What good does the unconstitutional and abusive IRS do, other than seize property without due process, steal the hard earned money of Americans and destroy businesses? Paul is not proposing that we eliminate all taxes, rather that we eliminate all unnecessary taxation and an agency that inevitably abuses its power.

    Kessinger attacks Paul’s desire to return to the gold standard as being baseless. However, what he fails to realize is that Paul actually does support this idea with the fact that if we continue to print money without anything to back it up, an inevitable financial disaster will occur. In addition, Paul desires to eliminate the Federal Reserve, a central bank run by unelected officials who need not answer to the people. As a result, more baseless money is printed and interest rates are artificially manipulated by this small group of people.

    Lastly, let it be known that Ron Paul is not a neo-conservative but rather a constitutionalist who wants to reign in the runaway federal government and restore personal freedom and liberty. Personal freedom and limited government are things the Founding Fathers envisioned, and Ron Paul is the only candidate who can fulfill them.

    -Yishi Garrard
    political science freshman

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