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    Super Street Fighter IV an appropriate evolution

    I am a huge fan of the original “”Street Fighter 4″” and fighting games in general. I played the last release extensively and enjoyed most of my time with it. The mint “”Super Street Fighter 4″” takes the game and erases nearly all of its issues while enhancing the things it did best.

    Of greatest interest to most will be the addition of 10 new fighters. Some are pulled from past games while others are brand new, but all of them are perfectly balanced with the rest of the cast. Some highlights are the super-quick Korean fighter Juri and the red-skinned Turkish oil wrestler Hakan, as they’re among the most interesting additions. The original 25 fighters are all there and they’re all unlocked from the beginning. This is a good thing, for sure, because anyone who fought through the Arcade mode in the last game remembers how frustrating it could get. The expanded character list means you’ll certainly find someone you like. There’s something for everyone here.

    The basic fighting system hasn’t changed much — you have four face buttons and directional pad doing most of the dirty work. Ultra attacks are still there, as is the EX Gauge. These systems have been tweaked slightly; you can now utilize these specials in the air and many of the characters have unique versions too. Otherwise, the same core gameplay allows newcomers and experts alike to have fun, whether against the computer or other people.

    You can’t go wrong with “”Super Street Fighter 4.”” It improves upon the already-great original in nearly every possible way, leaving one of the best and most competitive fighters on the market.

    Score: 9.5/10

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