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    Spotlighting Tucson’s Arizona State House Races

    Every two years, Arizona’s thirty state legislative districts vote for two members of the Arizona State House. Three out of four legislative districts encompassing Tucson have both Democratic and Republican candidates. Voters can locate their districts online at 

    The Second Legislative District includes southern portions of Tucson.

    Rosanna Gabaldon (Democrat): 

    This November, Gabaldon is seeking to secure a fourth term in the Arizona State House. Gabaldon is campaigning on her support for public education, economic development in Southern Arizona and protecting the environment. 

    Daniel Hernandez Jr. (Democrat):   

    This November, Hernandez is seeking to secure a second term in the Arizona State House. Hernandez is campaigning on his record protecting LGBTQ rights, gun control and protecting small business and affordable healthcare. 

    John Christopher Ackerly (Republican): 

    This November, Ackerley hopes to re-enter the Arizona State House. Ackerley is campaigning to increase funding to career and technical education, reduce standardized testing, improve community colleges and invest in transportation infrastructure. 

    Anthony Sizer (Republican):  

    This November, Sizer hopes to secure his first elected position after advancing past a Republican primary for the first time. Sizer is campaigning on fighting intrusions of Arizona’s liberty, freedom and opportunity.  

    The Ninth Legislative District includes northern portions of Tucson. 

    Randall Friese (Democrat): 

    This November, Friese is seeking to secure a third term in the Arizona State House. Friese is campaigning for gun control, women’s rights, health care access, environmental protection, education funding and Arizona infrastructure. 

    Pamela Powers Hannley (Democrat): 

    This November, Hannley is seeking to secure a second term in the Arizona State House. Hannley is campaigning to fund public safety, education and infrastructure, as well as protecting individual rights and businesses. 

    Ana Henderson (Republican): 

    This November, Henderson is running again to win a seat in the Arizona State House. Henderson is campaigning on her support for fighting the opioid epidemic, for women’s rights and against special interests. 

    The Tenth Legislative District includes eastern portions of Tucson. 

    Kirsten Engel (Democrat): 

    This November, Engel is seeking to secure a second term in the Arizona State House. Engel is campaigning on increased education funding, Medicaid buy-in, prison reform, environmental protection and decreasing property taxes. 

    Domingo Degrazia (Democrat): 

    This November, Degrazia is seeking to join his fellow Democrat Engel in the state house. Degrazia is campaigning on his support for public education, mental health resources, child safety and affordable healthcare. 

    Todd Clodfelter (Republican):  

    This November, Clodfelter is seeking to secure a second term in the Arizona State House. Clodfelter is campaigning on affordable and quality education for Arizonan families and keeping government small and efficient. 

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