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    You are what you eat

    With Halloween approaching, most of us will be consuming an unnatural amount of candy. The question is, then, what exactly does your favorite candy say about you?

    Hershey’s milk chocolate

    A classic choice that won’t offend many. You prefer simplicity and try to avoid conflict in favor of smooth sailings.  

    Sweet Tarts

    You’re one of those people — happy one minute, sobbing the next. You swivel between complimenting and criticizing so quickly it’s like watching a tennis match.


    You have a problem with commitment. Rather than settle down, you flit from one thing to the next. How many times have you changed your major so far?  

    Almond Joy

    You are easy-going and carefree. Really, you belong on a beach, not in the desert. Not much upsets you, but you’re not a pushover.

    Sour Skittles

    Let’s face it; you’re the cynical counterpart to the naïve, original Skittles lover. You have a sharp tongue and let the world know it. Just so you know, your classmates don’t appreciate you correcting the professor, slowing down the lecture and ultimately delaying the end of class.


    You are probably in the midst of an identity crisis. You’re not quite sure who you are or what you like. Actually, you don’t even know if a Whatchamacallit is your favorite candy bar. Make sure you keep a UA map on you at all times — that way you at least know where you’re going.

    Hershey’s dark chocolate

    You’re a snob. Simple milk chocolate is not enough for you. You are probably that person who wears dress clothes to your 8 a.m. class. Everything must be catered to your exquisite and perfect tastes. Imperfection is not an option.



    Beyond the glasses, pocket protectors and perpetual braces, you have a great personality and a kind heart. Really. If we need you, we’ll be sure to stop by the Science-Engineering Library.

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

    You’ve got it all; the sweet and the salty. You work well with others and know when to stay quiet or speak up. You’re that person everyone wants to be.

    Tootsie Roll

    You see beauty in everything … Why else would you choose to eat chewy, fake chocolate when the real thing isn’t hard to find?  

    Candy corn

    You’ve got a very festive spirit. You are the person in the ZonaZoo who sings their heart out during “”Bear Down.”” You live for holidays and the traditions that accompany them. You’re probably in your element right now.


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