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    Goin’ Downtown

    Photo Illustration by Chris Coduto and Jacob Konst
    Photo Illustration by Chris Coduto and Jacob Konst

    For those over 21, this is probably going to be the best weekend of the entire year, with bands, booze, babes and crazy transients running around downtown. Everything you could ever possibly want will be included in this year’s annual Club Crawl.

    But for those not over 21, this just means it will that much harder to get to Grill.

    Club Crawl, the celebration day for the Tucson music and bar scene, is a bastion of local, national and even international talent. Musicians flood downtown when clubs open their doors for the mass public, welcoming in all kinds of debauchery, rowdiness and general fun.

    For the first time, many local musicians will have a chance to play a stage larger than the “”Dance Dance Revolution”” machine at Wilbur’s Underground. About 10,000 people attend the event every year to see the bands, so expect a sea of bodies and the different armpit smells that always accompany.

    It’s also a party for many of the college-aged musicians around town. John Mancuso, a former UA student now playing guitar in Tucson’s own Camp Courageous, said that he keeps coming back to perform because of the eclectic and fun atmosphere.

    “”The diversity of the music is amazing,”” Mancuso said. “”You can literally walk 10 yards and get such a different kind of music, culturally and stylistically, at the same time.””

    While Mancuso works as a writer for Bass Magazine, a national publication, his band has managed to play such venues as Club Congress, Plush and the Rialto Theatre. But the band will be facing a new challenge this year after the departure of its singer.

    To make due, Camp Courageous transformed itself into a four-piece instrumental band instead.

    “”It was a very difficult transition, but we figured the best thing we could do is stick to our guns and keep writing music,”” Mancuso said.

    Local musician Andrew Collberg has also had problems with band lineup. Since most of his backup band members are classical musicians, they often have other gigs during the time of Club Crawl.

    “”It’s kind of a stressful situation,”” Collberg said. “”I had to get a new band because they’re booked.””

    Yesterday was the first time Collberg was able to practice with his new band before the show. Although he had already played with some of the members, it wasn’t quite the same.

    “”It’s just recently that I’ve, like, had to start caring more about the live performance,”” he said. “”That’s what lends itself to people listening to the recordings. You have to have a balance.””

    For Dondi Marble of Cosmic Slop, the balance is in Halloween costumes and ’70s funk. Along with his 12-member band, he performs all of his shows wearing different crazy outfits to heighten the mood. Revolution, colonial and “”pimpalicious”” have already been used as themes, so Cosmic Slop will have to do something new this weekend.

    “”This weekend it’s going to sort of be kind of a romantic vampirish colonial look,”” he said. “”The ladies are wearing very sensual looking outfits.””

    Since Cosmic Slop has only been together for a year, this will be the band’s first Club Crawl experience. But Marble says he is not frightened.

    “”Me, nervous? I’m the biggest ham there is. I love to perform,”” he said.

    After all, Marble isn’t a main musician in the band. He may be the inspiration, but his musicians play most of the songs.

    “”I consider myself the hand-clapper and booty shaker,”” Marble said. “”I talk a lot of junk and do some background singing.””

    Camp Courageous will be playing on the CD City stage at midnight, while Andrew Collberg will play at 8 p.m. on the KRQ stage. Cosmic Slop will be headlining the Hotel Congress outdoor stage at midnight. Tickets are $8 at CD City or $10 at the event.

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