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    Police Beat: April 6

    Six pack gets the boot from Zendejas

    A non-UA affiliated man snuck five female UA students into Zendejas #13 restaurant. All six were later arrested for minor in possession and asked to leave the premises at 2 a.m., on April 1.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer on patrol around 1:30 a.m. saw the large group of women exit a taxi near the restaurant.

    They walked down a dark alley and entered a side door of the building.

    At the time, it appeared that the restaurant was closed because there were no interior or exterior lights on.

    While checking the building, the officer did not observe anyone inside. The business door was locked, but the kitchen entry door was unlocked.

    The officer called out from the kitchen entry door and the man came out of the business entrance.

    He would not speak to his relationship with the business, if he had keys or how many people were inside.

    The officer then asked him to call everyone outside, and the five females came out of the back of the restaurant.

    The officer double checked the interior for anyone else and found no signs of criminal activity.

    Using the man’s phone, the officer spoke with the restaurant owner.

    The owner said that he knew the man but confirmed no one should be in the building, though the side door was left open. He then requested that all six leave the building.

    All six were found to have symptoms of intoxication and were cited and released for minor in possession.

    Two fighting over girl wind up with MIP

    Two men squabbling over a woman became physical and were cited for minor in possession on April 1 at 2:24 a.m.

    The men, arguing on the corner of First Street and Warren Avenue, were approached by a UAPD officer and told to sit on the curb.

    The two said that they had been at a party flirting with the same girl and got into an argument, but did not actually fight each other and were not injured.

    When questioned about what they had to drink that night, they both denied consuming any alcohol.

    They submitted to a portable Breathalyzer test but did not blow properly, causing the test to yield no result.

    During the tests, the officer could see symptoms of alcohol consumption and both smelled strongly of alcohol.

    After the test, one of the men, a UA student, became argumentative and insisted several times that officers should go inside the Delta Chi fraternity house and arrest the “”thousands”” of underage drinkers inside.

    The student said that he was a DJ at the house and said that he had drank alcohol before, but had none that night.

    When the officer asked why he smelled of alcohol, the student said that there were numerous kegs inside the house and that’s why he smelled.

    Both were arrested for minor in possession, and, because he would not sign the citation saying that he was only visiting so he could not attend court, the non-UA affiliated male was transported and booked into Pima County Jail.

    Busted for boasting a BB

    A UA Residence Life employee reported several shots from a BB gun to UAPD on April 1.

    At 5:33 p.m., a UAPD officer responded to the Tyndall Avenue Parking Garage, where the employee heard the shots fired.

    The officer, walking up the southeast stairwell on the third level, heard several shots that were consistent with a BB gun but did not hear any impact noise.

    While on the fourth level, the gun was discharged several times again and the officer could discern several voices.

    On the fifth level, the officer saw two boys and a girl walking toward the northwest part of the structure.

    The officer was able to see that their hands were empty.

    With his hand on his handgun — in an unsnapped holster — the officer called for them to sit down, to which all three immediately complied.

    The officer then asked them where the BB gun was and the girl, looking at one of the boys, said, “”Just tell him where it is.””

    He slowly withdrew a black gun from his backpack and threw it on the ground.

    “”It’s just a BB gun,”” he said.

    During interviews with police, the group said they were spending their free time on top of the garage.

    A boy said that he was attempting to replace a CO2 cartridge in his BB gun and discharged it once at the ground in order to ensure there were no more pellets in the gun.

    UAPD officers confiscated the gun, which was a gift from the boy’s father, because the campus weapons policy does not allow BB guns on campus.

    The juveniles’ parents were contacted and they were released into their guardian’s custody.


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