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    On the Spot

    Wildcat: Hi, you’re on the spot. So, I have a miniature schnauzer at home and I was going to Petsmart and none of the clothes are really hip there. Is there anything that would be cool for a miniature schnauzer to wear?

    Matt Wade: XXL tees. Big shirts are in.

    W: Wouldn’t that drag a little bit while it’s walking?

    MW: It’s a dog.

    W: I think if the clothing was too small, it could hurt them, you know. Or maybe the XXL tees you could use as a collar. If you wrap it around their neck, you don’t have to have anything that shocks them.

    MW: It’ll simultaneously scoop poop too, cause they’ll poop in the shirt.

    W: Isn’t that really expensive though to get a really nice XXL tee for a dog?

    MW: How much do you love your dog?

    W: If Dr. Phil was staying at your house and you had to dress him to take him out to Optimist Club, what would you dress him in?

    MW: Would he look good in pink?

    W: Do you think that he would say it’s some psychological depravity?

    MW: Could I put a bag over his head?

    W: Well, are bags cool this season?

    MW: They’re always in.

    W: Maybe like a bright color like blue or neon red.

    MW: You could put a happy face on it.

    W: Or maybe you could decorate it with some hipster art or something. What’s the worst fashion travesty?

    MW: Ugly shoes. Obviously UGG boots, moccasins, dirty sandals, crocs. Crocs are the worst.

    W: If you had to dress Mother Teresa, what would you have her wearing?

    MW: A halo.

    W: Like a bright one from a medieval painting or…

    MW: Neon.

    W: Would you put her in a skirt or pants?

    MW: Pants.

    W: Like skinny jeans or tights?

    MW: No, like those fashionable kind of wide, baggy pants. I don’t know what women wear. But you know, she’s a small girl. You don’t want to make her look smaller.

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