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    Police Beat: October 17

    “This ain’t no show, ho.”

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to a noise complaint at the volleyball courts just north of the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall at about 12:30 a.m. on Oct. 10. When the officer arrived, he noticed a non-UA-affiliated man leaving the area. Students in the area told the officer that the man had been banging on tables and rapping earlier.

    The officer approached the man just east of the residence hall and the man provided the officer with his Arizona driver’s license. The officer told the man that he could not be making loud noises on campus, and warned him of a possible disorderly conduct violation. The officer dismissed the man, who left on foot heading south toward Sixth Street.

    About an hour-and-a-half later, the same officer responded to the Park Student Union in reference to a man sleeping on a bench outside. Upon arrival, the officer noticed it was the same man from the previous incident. The man’s shoes were off, with a can of Foster’s beer sitting beside them.

    The officer noticed that the man had urinated on himself and woke him up. He told the man about policies and procedures regarding sleeping and drinking on campus, and warned him about trespassing on UA property. The officer noted that the man was very cooperative, and not argumentative or insulting.

    The man stood up and began walking toward the Metro Wildcat at Sixth and Park avenues, but stopped near some bushes just outside of the residence hall. The officer advised the man to keep walking, and as he did so, the officer noticed the man was urinating. The man proceeded to walk about 50 feet while still urinating, and stopped walking to finish urinating by a tree at the Metro Wildcat. Five bystanders were present during the incident, all of whom told the officer they didn’t want to press charges.

    The officer approached the man and arrested him for criminal littering. As soon as the officer handcuffed the man, he started calling the officer names and using profanity. The man also yelled at bystanders, at one point yelling, “This ain’t no show, ho.”

    The officer searched the man, placed him in the back of the patrol car and took him to Pima County Jail. The officer also served the man an exclusionary order for disturbing the peace and sleeping and drinking on campus. The officer noted that the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall is known for being an area with a lot of theft and crime. The possibility of tailgating behind residents into the hall was taken into consideration for issuance of the exclusionary order.

    Worrisome writings

    A UAPD officer responded via telephone at 4:20 p.m. on Oct. 13 to a graduate student who had filed a report saying one of his student had submitted several writing assignments that the professor found concerning. The professor told the officer that a student in an English 201 class he taught had turned in a number of assignments that depicted violence, referenced suicide and also mentioned how guns work and the damage that they can do. The professor also cited some emails he had received from the student that expressed anger toward students.

    The professor had compiled the writings and emails days before and put them in a packet for the dean of students, who determined that the documents were not serious enough to take any action. The professor told the officer that he had agreed the writings did not warrant action, but he was still concerned for his own safety.

    The professor told the officer he had met with the English department head and other English faculty members on Oct. 11, and informed them of the student’s unwillingness to do the class work. The group decided to administratively drop the student based solely on his classroom performance and not on the writings or emails. An administrator sent an email to the student the next day, notifying him of their decision.

    The professor requested the presence of a police officer for his class on Monday, adding that he did not feel safe even though the student had never caused a scene or been a disruption in class. The officer could not promise that an officer would be present. There is no further information.

    Busted: the finest hangout on campus

    Two UAPD officers responded to the Fine Arts Complex in reference to suspicious activity on Oct. 12. When the officers arrived, an employee with UA Facilities Management escorted the officers to the roof of the building.

    When they arrived the employee told officers he had been working on the roof earlier when he saw an extension cord plugged into a wall socket. When he followed the cord, it led to an area on the roof where officers found two couches, a number of empty alcohol containers, some office chairs, a piano cover, two extension cords, a power strip, a laptop and static electricity globe.

    The employee explained to officers that approximately two months ago he saw a UA employee escorting several students off the roof. After this incident, locks had been put on all roof access points. Officers noted that it was unclear how the couches could have been moved to the roof of the building — all entry points to the area were too narrow.

    Most of the items were left at the scene, as officers were unable to carry them off the roof, especially the couches. One officer took the laptop and put into safekeeping at UAPD. The piano cover was also returned to a UA employee officers had seen inside the building in a classroom with pianos. There is no further information about the incident.

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