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    Athlete of the week: Gianna DeSaverio

    Sophomore Gianna DeSaverio works her way down the field with the ball Sunday against Hawaii at Murphey Stadium. DeSaverio would put the final touch on the ball, scoring the game-winning overtime goal in Arizonas 1-0 victory.
    Sophomore Gianna DeSaverio works her way down the field with the ball Sunday against Hawaii at Murphey Stadium. DeSaverio would put the final touch on the ball, scoring the game-winning overtime goal in Arizona’s 1-0 victory.

    Editor’s Note: Sophomore forward Gianna DeSaverio was named the Athlete of the Week for her game-winning goal in overtime against Hawaii on Sunday, as Arizona beat the Rainbow Wahine 1-0. The resilient DeSaverio pulled off the victory after injuring her right ankle in Friday’s game against Gonzaga. The Arizona Daily Wildcat caught up with Sunday’s hero to get her take on game-winning kicks, replacing Mallory Miller and the Colorado Avalanche.

    Wildcat: So it was a great weekend for you and the Wildcats. You swept the Four Points Sheraton Classic this weekend and scored the game-winning goal against pesky Hawaii in overtime. Tell me about that play.

    DeSaverio: Well, (defender) Savannah (Levake) played a long ball and (forward) Laura (Huylebroeck) had a beautiful flick. The entire defense was shifted over, so I got in behind, and the goalkeeper was out of a position. She was really far forward, so I decided to try and trip her, and, well, it worked.

    W: You had many opportunities beforehand to score. Were you getting angry with yourself out there?

    D: Of course, yeah, especially in overtime. A minute before that (game-winning goal) I had another wide-open goal and I just missed it, so I was really mad and I was like, “”All right, if I get one more try I’m going to bury it.””

    W: A lot of the fans at the Hawaii game noticed you get a very intense look in your eyes before you make a big play. Would you say that’s true?

    D: A lot of people tell me that I look like the meanest person ever on the field, and when they meet me off the field they are like, “”I can’t believe that’s how your personality is.”” I don’t know that I am doing it, but it’s possible.

    W: Any particular drills you work on during practice that really prepare you for games against teams like Hawaii or Gonzaga?

    D: We do walk-throughs and (UA head coach) Dan (Tobias) talks about their defense and what’s going to break them down and what’s going to work for us during the game.

    W: So you and (sophomore forward) London King seem to be really stepping up after the loss of star Mallory Miller to eligibility last year. With the leadership of both of you, do you think the team will go even further in the playoffs this year?

    D: Since we have such a young team, we kind of feel like we are the older people. We do have to have some kind of maturity level and leadership to help with all the freshman that we brought in. We still need to step it up a lot more.

    W: So tell me, what is it like to play for 90 minutes in 100-degree heat?

    D: Ha-ha. It’s difficult, really difficult. You’re sweating profoundly. It’s hard, it really is.

    W: Do you ever feel like you are going to pass out?

    D: No, but I do get very tired, especially on Sunday games. In that overtime against Hawaii we were just dying.

    W: Do you think it’s harder playing in warmer places like Arizona or in cooler places like Michigan?

    D: Well, I’m from Colorado, so I am used to playing like blizzards and stuff. So I’d definitely say hot weather.

    W: Now it’s time for more random questions to let our readers get to know you better. Why do you think soccer isn’t as popular in America as it is for the rest of the world?

    D: Because baseball is big, football is big. I have no idea. I think football and those kinds of sports kind of take precedence.

    W: If you could change one rule about soccer, what would it be?

    D: No offsides.

    W: If you were the ruler of the world, what’s the first thing you would do?

    D: First thing I’d do if I were ruler of the world? Oh my gosh, tough question. I have absolutely no idea. I’m sorry, ask me a different one.

    W: What’s your ultimate dream job?

    D: Forensic scientist.

    W: Favorite sports team?

    D: Colorado Avalanche

    W: Pepsi or Coke?

    D: Pepsi.

    W: Paper or plastic?

    D: Ha-ha. Plastic.

    W: Just how Italian are you really?

    D: My dad is 100 percent Italian, and my mom is 100 percent German, so 50-50.

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