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    Hey, Barkeep

    Alex Guyton
    Alex Guyton Amanda Calderon works the bar solo during an afternoon shift at Bob Dobb’s Bar and Grill.

    What’s your favorite drink to make?
    My favorite drink to make would probably be a margarita. I have developed a very fine craft in margarita-making, and it’s something I enjoy putting together.

    Least favorite drink to make?
    Bloody Mary. Especially when somebody orders it at 11:30 at night.

    Most memorable customer?
    Ms. Peggy from The Buffet, a retired bartender.

    Would you say Bob Dobb’s is known for anything in particular?
    Yeah. Up until recently, we just had to do away with the writing because of the fire. We’re known for our Bob Burger and our graffiti on our walls.

    There was a really big fire next door and we had really bad smoke damage and we could not get the smell of the smoke out, so we had to treat the walls.
    We’ve been on the corner here for 30 years.

    Weirdest, strangest thing you’ve seen go down at the bar?
    Probably somebody taking a Mexican Chicken shot. A Mexican Chicken shot is a raw egg in a shot glass with tequila and hot sauce.

    Did they enjoy themselves?
    You know what? They actually ordered some for their friends.

    What is something I can do as a customer to piss you off as a bartender?
    To ask me to pick a drink for you: … “Make me whatever you want, but I don’t want gin, and I want it to be sweet and no tequila.” Or the best is when someone is at the bar and they’re slapping their hand for attention, and then you ask them what they want to drink, and they turn around and [ask] all of their friends what they want.

    What can I do to make your job as easy as possible?
    As a customer, know what you want to drink or be willing to try new drinks.

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