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    Mail Bag

    ‘Kill cops’ photo irresponsible

    After seeing the front page of the Wildcat on Tuesday, we are outraged. First and foremost, if protesters want anything to be changed about the community’s relationship with local police departments, wearing a sign threatening to “”kill cops”” is not a great start. The Wildcat staff should be ashamed for publishing a picture that promotes violence against officers of the law. We are fostering hatred instead of unity and accomplishing nothing but further conflict.

    Everyone needs to stop focusing on negative agendas and start focusing on working together to build a better relationship between the police department and the community. The interviewees could not even pin down a specific situation to protest. UAPD has had no reports of any police brutality, so how are they supposed to investigate these allegations without actual proof? We also found it interesting that none of the people interviewed were currently UA students. The majority of quotes came from sophomores in high school.

    Police officers are charged with a huge responsibility to serve and protect their communities, and they are required by law to justify every action they take; they are absolutely held to a higher standard than members of the general public. It is a shame that police brutality does happen in our country, but how dare you stereotype all police officers as gun-toting, violence-driven people. If you were to get to know the human behind the badge you would realize that almost all officers would agree that they absolutely do not want an unethical cop wearing the same uniform. It would be interesting to see what would happen if one of these protesters got mugged or carjacked, or if someone they loved got attacked and raped. Who would they turn to, then, for help?

    Ashley Harris
    Alexandra Pesqueira
    criminal justice administration juniors

    Loss of ‘No Relation’ ‘furthering prejudices’

    Well, it sure was nice to have you bring back the comic “”No Relation”” just to have it taken away again. You should not have printed that apology letter, either! Rather, as a fine independent newspaper you should be telling the next generation of young Americans to chill the hell out and not get so offended by funny material. Now, instead, we have “”The UnderGrad,”” and let me tell you, it’s just riveting, and by riveting I mean it is of no comparison to the comic genius of “”No Relation.”” Why must we always punish those with sense of creativity and difference? Isn’t this just furthering prejudices by feeding what the conservative masses say is “”wrong””? I hope you reconsider, stand by your free-speech rights and bring back the comic that makes me smile every day.

    Nicole Cassese
    journalism senior

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