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    Frosh Whitewash Letter On Mountain

    September 27, 1917

    The second annual “”A”” Day of the University of Arizona did not disappoint the expectations, which has been aroused by the success of previous years. Early last Saturday morning; too early, in fact, for some of the Freshmen who felt that an extra hour or two of sleep would even by preferable to breakfast, the first of the boys left the campus for Sentinel Peak on the othe side of town, where they were to whitewash the immense masonry “”A,”” which overlooks the valley below. After reaching town, a course bearing in the most direct line to the mountain was taken, and empty cans were collected along the way to use for the whitewash containers. Even the Santa Cruz River did not turn aside the green capped horde, and it was forded with one long well-placed step. No colds from feet-wetting have so far been reported to Dr. Goetz. On reaching the foot of the mountain, those who has worn light tennis shoes wished that they had a half an inch of leather under their feet, but in spite of some discomfort, all made the climb.

    Hauling Difficult

    After the hike, there was a long wait for materials to work with. The six horses pulling the load of oil barrels filled with water up the mountain, knew even less about sticking to the road than the dicer did. Luckily for the Freshmen, they understood little Spanish, for, if any reliance can be placed on the vehemence with which they were uttered, the words of the drivers were at lest as strong as the situation demanded. At last, despairing of ever getting their water in any other way, three boys unloaded the wagon, now three fourths of the way up the mountain, and rolled the barrels of water up to the top.

    No Drinking Water

    Then work commenced, and all who had been spending their time amusing themselves by taking pictures, throwing stones( one of which hit one of the drivers in the face and was ensued by a very violent outburst of Spanish), and getting a beautiful coat of sunburn by leaving their hats off and their shirt sleeves rolled up, “”dug in”” in earnest.

    The lime was slaked and the whitewash mixed in short order, but not without considerable splashing, after which it was poured onto the letter, caer being taken to get as much on everybody’s shoes as possible. All had rushed for a drink of water as soon as the barrels has been rolled up the mountain, but few had either the fortitude, or sufficiently strong stomachs to drink the rust oil scummed mess that flowed out, and so the work was hurried to completion that they all might secure a drink down in the valley as soon as possible.

    Then everyone started for town, and the return trip down the mountain to drinking water was made in much shorter time than the climb had been. Once in town the soda water parlors were invaded and it it reported that one of the Fershmen drank five sodas before he succeeded in washing the taste of the oil out of his mouth. About this time the sunburns began to feel uncomfortably warm and reaching the University campus grease of any sort was very much in demand.

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