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    Gamers have high hopes for ’11

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    A new semester means many things for students, including new classes, new experiences and new friends to be made. There will also be plenty of new developments in interactive entertainment to keep gamers happy.

    “”I’m looking forward to ‘The Old Republic,’ ‘Dragon Age 2,’ and ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution,'”” said Sean Bacik, a pre-computer science sophomore.

    ‘The Old Republic’

    These are some of the best titles the video game world has coming this semester. “”Star Wars: The Old Republic”” is a highly anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing game set more than 3,000 years before the “”Star Wars”” movies take place. In the game made by “”Mass Effect”” developer BioWare, you’ll finally be able to create your own custom Jedi, Sith or Bounty Hunter. If your dreams are following in the footsteps of Boba Fett or Obi-Wan, this is the game for you.

    “”The Old Republic”” is expected to be the best contender for unseating World of Warcraft as king of MMOs. It’s set to be released in the spring.

    ‘Dragon Age 2′

    “”Dragon Age 2,”” another BioWare title to be released on March 8, is also expected to be a great game. The original “”Dragon Age: Origins”” was an awesome Lord of the Rings-style epic, and the sequel will offer many improvements. The combat has been changed quite a bit, which is a bummer for those who enjoyed the way things were. Still, the story will stand out much more since the same dialogue wheel found in the “”Mass Effect”” series is going to be implemented in “”Dragon Age 2.”” That means that the main character will finally have a voice, and plenty of options for what to say.

    ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’

    “”Deus Ex: Human Revolution”” might be a name you haven’t heard before. It’s a prequel to the first two “”Deus Ex”” games and is set in the year 2027, in a world where companies control the world and conspiracies are commonplace. In addition to that, mechanical augmentation is being introduced to society, meaning you can give yourself super strength, infrared vision or even an arm that turns into a rifle.

    The best thing about this game, though, is that you can play it four very different ways. You can face your foes, guns blazing like Rambo, sneak around to kill from the shadows, hack your enemies’ technology to use against them or try to use diplomacy to talk your way out of any trouble. You have until the game’s April launch to decide on the style that suits you.

    Gamers who want to get back to their platforming and arcade roots will also be pleased. “”I’m definitely (looking forward to) ‘Little Big Planet 2′ and ‘Marvel vs. Capcom 3,'”” said Andy Kozak, a pre-business junior.

    ‘Little Big Planet’

    “”Little Big Planet”” is still being played more than two and a half years after its release; it’s the Playstation 3’s feel-good franchise. The second game should bring more of the same gameplay, but with a lot more options for character and level customization. Even though the changes seem mostly cosmetic, don’t let that deter you. If you have a PS3 and at least one friend, you’ll want this game, especially if you have the patience to make your own mini-games, which will be possible with the in-game editor.

    ‘Marvel vs. Capcom 3′

    “”Marvel vs. Capcom 3″” is predicted to be the best-looking arcade-style fighter in years. After all, “”Marvel vs. Capcom 2″” was released back in 2000 and is still played recreationally and competitively around the world. Those who remember the second game may recall how difficult it was to learn, but fortunately the third game’s controls have been made much simpler. There will also be a mission mode, which will help players improve their skills, and a single player mode with different endings for each character. Speaking of the characters, there will be a lot of them. Prepare to battle as your favorite super hero or Capcom character. The game is slated for release on the XBOX 360 and PS3 consoles this spring.

    Keep your chin up this semester. Video game glory is just around the corner.


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