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    On the Spot

    We saw Nahuatl elder Angelbertha Cobb leading an Aztec dance in front of Old Main and followed her to the César Chávez building. Parts of the interview were cut out due to poor audibility.

    Wildcat: What do the shells symbolize?

    Cobb: They’re not shells, they’re seeds.

    W: What do they symbolize?

    C: Joy.

    W: What?

    C: Joy! Happiness.

    W: What does the incense symbolize?

    C: That’s not incense, that’s copali. Incense is for the Catholic church.

    W: Why did we hold hands and get in a circle and shake each other’s hands?

    C: Because we are all one. The human race. And not because you’re white, and I’m dark. We are not alone. On the same planet, and we eat the same food, probably not. I eat tortillas, you eat, hot dogs?

    W: I ate tortillas today!

    Woman: We’re going to be in 205. That room over there.

    W: What are we doing right now? Where are we walking to?

    C: I don’t know. I follow.

    W: What is your favorite song?

    C: What song you talking about?

    W: I don’t know. Just a song that you really like.

    C: (Says something that sounds like “”Sacatowi.””)

    W: What is that?

    C: This is one of the things.

    W: May I take a picture? I just think your dress is really beautiful.

    C: It is. I don’t know how to take pictures. (Stands sideways, holds up a stick with feathers and raises one arm.) OK, wait. (Takes off glasses.)

    Man: La bandera…

    C: That’s not a bandera.

    Man: What was it? The bandera flag was not a flag?

    C: Panqui.

    W: What was that for?

    C: What?

    W: The thing that you waived.

    Man: The bandera.

    C: The panqui is a symbol of the Machetá people.

    W: Can I take just your face looking at the camera?

    C: Serious or happiness?

    W: Happiness.

    – interview by Andi Berlin

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