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    Police Beat

    Man urinates near church, gives police false name
    Officers cited a man on Oct. 18 at 3:05 p.m. after police saw him urinating near a church.

    An officer saw the man urinating in the parking lot of the Little Chapel of All Nations, west of the Kappa Sigma fraternity.

    An officer approached the man and asked for identification. The man gave the officers a name and birthdate, because he said he did not have his ID on him. When police ran a records check they did not find anyone with matching information. Police advised the man of this. He then gave them his real name and birthdate.

    The man was cited and released for public nuisance and giving false information to law enforcement.

    Man fakes woman’s photo, sends unwanted texts
    A man was referred to the Dean of Students Office on charges of sexually harassing a woman on Oct. 18 at 2:47 p.m.

    Police responded to Pueblo de la Cienega Residence Hall after receiving a call that a man was sending a woman unwelcome sexual advances.

    Police made contact with the woman, who told them that earlier that day she had received a text message that told her to check the man’s Facebook profile. When she did, she saw that he had posted a picture of her that he had Photoshopped to make her look like a vampire.

    The woman was upset by the picture and sent him a text message asking him to take it down. The man replied that he would “”consider taking it down if she put out.”” The woman told officers that she felt very uncomfortable by the unwelcome sexual remarks.

    She received nine text messages from the man, some of them containing sexual content.

    The woman did not want to press charges, but told officers that she wanted him to stop contacting her and take down the picture.

    Police called the man to discuss the issue. He told officers that he felt it was his right to post whatever pictures he wanted online. The man said that he posted the picture as an online joke between he and his friends, and he thought it was funny. He said he knew it was malicious, but the Internet was a public place where he was free to express himself.

    The man also said that he was unaware that the woman did not want him to contact her. Police warned him that any further contact would be considered harassment. The man told officers that he would not contact her, and he would take down the picture. Police checked the next day, and the picture was still online.

    A Dean of Students referral was issued for a code of conduct violation for violation of the UA sexual harassment policy.

    Suspended license, MIP citations issued; car towed
    A car passenger was cited for minor in possession of alcohol Oct. 18 at 1:15 p.m.

    Police pulled over a car after it made an improper right-hand turn. The driver of the vehicle told officers that he did not have a license due to a recent driving under the influence charge. The officer noted that there was a strong smell of intoxicants coming from the car. The officer noticed that a passenger in the back seat had bloodshot, watery eyes. The passenger would not respond to the officer’s requests for identification or questions to whether or not he had been drinking.

    The officer asked the driver to step out of the car. He showed no signs of intoxication.

    The passenger was asked to get out of the car. While speaking with police, they noticed he had slurred speech and the smell of intoxicants coming from his mouth. He admitted to having “”some drinks.””

    The driver was cited and released for driving on a suspended license. The passenger was cited and released for minor in possession of alcohol. The vehicle was towed for a 30-day mandatory impound.

    Man discovers unshot bullet near PTS building
    Police were called by a man who found an unspent round of ammunition on Oct. 18 at 1:02 p.m.

    The man called officers after he found an unshot, .40 caliber hollow point bullet in the rocks south of the Parking and Transportation Services building. The man said he was just passing by when he saw it.

    There were no suspects or owners at the time.

    Five women cited for minors in possession
    Five women were cited and released on charges of minors in possession of alcohol Oct. 18 at 11:45 a.m.

    Police responded to a reference for a person urinating in public in the Sam Hughes neighborhood. Police made contact with a group of women who said that none of the five of them had urinated. All the women had a moderate odor of intoxicants coming from them and they all admitted to drinking.

    All five women were cited and released for minor in possession.

    Couple making out on sidewalk cited for MIP
    Police observed a man lying on top of a female on the sidewalk on the west side of the Park Student Union on Oct. 18 at 2:39 a.m.

    Police saw two people lying on the sidewalk. The man was on top of the woman. When the officers made contact with the two, they noted that there was a strong smell of intoxicants coming from them.

    Both students told the officers that they were just “”making out”” on the sidewalk. They both admitted to drinking that evening.

    Both were cited and released for minors in possession of alcohol and referred to the Dean of Student’s Office.

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