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    Police Beat

    Students cited for smoking marijuana in Coronado

    Two students were cited on drug charges Jan. 30 at 12:37 a.m.

    Police responded to the Coronado Residence Hall in reference to the smell of burning marijuana coming from one of the rooms. When officers arrived, they noted the smell of marijuana outside of the room. They knocked on the door, and when it was opened, the smell became stronger.

    There was a man and a woman in the room who identified themselves via their driver’s licenses. Officers told them that they were there because someone reported smelling marijuana. Police asked for the marijuana and any paraphernalia they used to smoke it.

    The man told officers that they had already smoked all of the marijuana and handed the officers a plastic baggie with a few green, leafy flakes and a red and blue glass pipe with black residue in it. The man told the officer that both the pipe and baggie were his. The woman told the officers that she had smoked the marijuana, but she did not have any additional marijuana or paraphernalia.

    The pipe and baggie were confiscated. The man was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The woman was charged with possession of marijuana. Both people were also referred to the Dean of Student’s Office.

    Man busted for driving with a suspended license

    A man was cited and released for using his mother’s license plate and driving on a suspended license Jan. 30 at 1:36 a.m.

    While patrolling, an officer did a random registration check on a vehicle’s license plate. The plate showed that it was registered to a car that was not the car driving in front of him. The officer pulled the car over near Plumer Avenue on Grant Road.

    The man driving the car was asked to step out of the vehicle. The officer then asked if he could search the car, and the man said, “”Yeah, go ahead.”” Nothing illegal was discovered.

    The man told police that the license plate on his vehicle did not belong on his car, but that it belonged on his mother’s car.

    The man told officers that his license plate had been suspended in December. He told officers that he was a single parent of two daughters and a student with a full time job. He said he needed to drive his car for those reasons. He discussed the matter with his mother, and said that it was her idea to put her license plate on his car. The man took full responsibility for his actions, saying that it was his fault. He also told officers that he understood he was breaking the law but he needed to be able to drive.

    A records check of the man showed that he had a suspended driver’s license. He had also been convicted twice in court of driving on a suspended license and failure to appear in court and/or to pay fines for it.

    The man was cited and released for displaying a fictitious license plate and driving on a suspended license. The vehicle was impounded.

    Man caught in possession of marijuana

    A man was diverted to the Dean of Student’s Office for marijuana and paraphernalia possession Jan. 31 at 2:41 p.m.

    Police responded to the Park Avenue parking garage in reference to suspicious activity. Upon arrival, a police aide told officers that she was conducting a security check of the garage when she saw three men sitting on the north, central wall of the garage. The police aide then said that two of the men ran from the area and one remained.

    Police made contact with the man who stayed. He was sitting on the ground with a skateboard. Near the man, police saw an orange, plastic pill bottle. The bottle did not have a label and contained a small amount of residue that the officer believed to be marijuana. When asked if the bottle was his, the man said no. Police picked up the bottle, opened it, and noticed that it smelt strongly of marijuana. The police aide told officers that when she first saw the men, she noticed that he had a bottle in his hand. The man then told officers, “”Ok, it was in my hand, but it isn’t mine.””

    Police were granted permission to search his backpack. Inside, they found a 12 ounce glass bong shaped like a beer bottle with burnt marijuana residue in the bowl, a glass smoking pipe packed with marijuana and burnt residue, a package of Zig-Zag rolling papers, and a clear plastic bag containing approximately three and a half grams of marijuana. The man also had a cigarette lighter in his pants pocket.

    The man told officers that the marijuana and paraphernalia did not belong to him, even though it was in his possession. He said that he had come to the area with some friends to skateboard and smoke marijuana, but they were unable to smoke because the police aide arrived. The man showed no signs of marijuana use and told officers that the last time he smoked was about a week ago.

    He was diverted to the Dean of Student’s Office for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The marijuana and paraphernalia were confiscated.

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