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    Police Beat: March 2

    Joint smokers let off with referral

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was on bike patrol on Thursday at 10:52 p.m. on the east side of the Modern Languages building, when he smelled marijuana.

    The officer could see two men on the south side of the Education building and could tell the smell was coming from them.

    As the officer walked toward the men, they turned and started quickly walking eastward.

    When the officer caught up with them and asked them to stop, they stopped and were identified as UA students by Arizona driver’s licenses.

    The men said that they knew nothing about the smell of marijuana, that they did not have anything on them and that they were just walking around.

    When the officer searched the place they had been, he found a marijuana cigarette still burning.

    He asked the men separately about the marijuana cigarette.

    The first man he spoke with said, “”I’m not going to lie. (We) walked from Graham-Greenlee Residence Hall and were smoking a marijuana cigarette when you saw us.””

    The officer asked the man if he had anything else on him, and he said he did not and that the officer could search him if he wanted.

    When the officer searched his pockets, he found a package of zigzag rolling papers and told the man the papers were considered paraphernalia.

    The other man told the officer a similar story and added that they dropped the marijuana cigarette so they would not get caught.

    Both men said they did not know where they got the marijuana.

    The officer told the men they would not be arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia but that a Code of Conduct referral would be sent to the Dean of Students. The men were then allowed to leave.

    The marijuana cigarette was submitted for testing and then placed into property as evidence.

    ‘Hulk’ throws down over water cooler

    Three UAPD officers arrived at the Coronado Residence Hall on Thursday at 7:13 p.m. because of reports that a student felt threatened by her roommate.

    When the officer got to the dorm, he met with one of the women in the lobby. She said that her roommate was in the process of moving out of their room because they did not get along.

    The argument started when the two women were talking about which items the roommate would be taking; they could not peaceably decide on who would keep the Sparkletts water cooler.

    The woman said that her roommate began to throw a fit when the woman would not allow her roommate to take the cooler because they had both contributed money to its rental.

    According to the woman, the roommate becomes angry often and acts like “”the Hulk”” when she gets mad. The roommate, according to the woman, picked up a sweatshirt with clenched fists, held it over her head. Then, the woman yelled, “”What are you going to do, hit me?””

    At this point, the roommate threw the sweatshirt down on the bed, and the woman left the room because she thought her roommate might hit her.

    When the officer spoke with the roommate, she said that she had just gotten out of the shower and that the argument started while she was only wearing a towel.

    She first told the officer that she did not know why she picked up the sweatshirt but then stated she was trying to put it on.

    The officer asked her why she was going to put on the sweatshirt if she was only wearing a towel, and the woman changed her story again and said that she picked it up with clenched fists because she angry. However, she told the officer she never planned on hitting her roommate.

    The woman was arrested for disorderly conduct, domestic violence, threats and intimidation. The officers took the woman to Pima County Jail, and the roommate filled out a voluntary statement about the incident and was issued her victim’s rights.

    Tree vandal validated

    A UA employee called UAPD on Thursday at 12:39 p.m. to report damage done to several trees near the Upper Second Gate on Tumamoc Hill.

    The woman told the officer that she had received an e-mail from another UA employee about the damage. The e-mail was forwarded to the officer.

    The officer thought the e-mail was not exactly clear and called the man who had sent it.

    The employee said the trees are natural in the area but did not hold much historical significance.

    The man also told the officer that the tree branches looked as if they had been torn off purposefully, but it might have been done with good intentions because the trees could have had overhanging branches in the road.

    Both employees were unsure about when the incident may have happened.

    There are no witnesses.

    Missing marijuana after SafeRide trip?

    A UA student and SafeRide driver called UAPD on Wednesday at 9:32 p.m. to report some marijuana found.

    The driver told the officer that he was doing an inspection of the car after his three-hour shift ended and found a small amount of marijuana on the floorboard of the passenger side.

    The man told the officer that he had had several passengers in the car during his shift and did not know to whom the marijuana belonged but wanted the incident reported.

    SafeRide does not keep a log of the names of its riders, so there are no suspects.

    The 3.1 grams of marijuana were collected and submitted into property as evidence eligible for destruction.

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