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Album Review: Elohim bares her soul

Courtesy of DUSK

Her name and face may be a mystery, but her music isn’t. Elohim, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, electro-pop recording artist, DJ and producer, shares her deepest secrets and feelings with the world through music while maintaining a nearly anonymous identity. During interviews she wears a mask and alters her voice, but song lyrics lay bare her struggles with issues like anxiety and depression. Named after a Hebrew moniker for God, Elohim said she felt that the stage name gave her strength and “moved her in a really deep way,” according to an interview with LA Weekly. She has produced two albums and three hit singles as well as performed at Coachella.

Her newest album, Elohim, is a mix of electronic and indie-pop with a hint of alternative sounds. The singles on the album are “Hallucinating”, “Skinny Legs”, “Sleepy Eyes”, “The Wave”, “Panic Attacks” and “Half Love”. Overall, the album ranges from song to song, but it is a versatile album that you could jam out to in the car, at a club or even chilling in your room.  

“Elohim” is a cross between a pop, upbeat Halsey song and a dramatic and emotionally packed Lorde song, with hints of The 1975’s electronic dance sound.

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“Hallucinating” is a pop-based song with hints of jazz about Elohim’s struggle to determine what is real and what isn’t. The whimsical track describes being in a dreamlike haze and not knowing what your head is creating versus what is real. 

“Skinny Legs” features electronic and dance vibes, but they’re met with somber emotional overtones. The song is fast and generates a sense of chaos and anxiety where the listener can hear Elohim’s struggle between self-doubt and self-love.

In a shift of mood, Elohim works with Whethan to create a dreamy, uplifting sound in her song “Sleepy Eyes”. The song follows a girl who proclaims her love for her soulmate and is just a feel-good type of song. 

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“The Wave” yet again demonstrates Elohim’s versatility. The calm pop song is relaxing and one of the more laid-back songs on the album, making it perfect for simply chilling out. The lyrics describe a person looking for their “wave,” or soulmate, with a very casual, “let’s see what happens” attitude.

Teaming up with Yoshi Flower, Elohim produced “Panic Attacks,” a song about the post-break-up panic attacks the artists had experienced. The song has a jerky part where the two artists rapidly exchange singing every other word, injecting a sense of tension and stress. 

“Half Love” is the final single on the album. The girl power anthem is about demanding that the other party loves her all the way — and Elohim declares that she is willing to make the first move. The song is a song to dance to with its pop and electronic influences.

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