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    A Hollywood primer to successful dating

    It’s been said that art imitates life. And if Hollywood is any indication, that is absolutely true. We have all seen the couples whose relationships seem to mirror something we saw in the movies – and let’s face it, we’re jealous. Today is Valentine’s Day, supposedly the holiday of love. So, in the grand tradition of chick flicks, here are a few dating tips, brought to you straight from Hollywood.

    10. Don’t be afraid to act silly … or even downright humiliating. The ability to be yourself without fear of ridicule from your date can be hard on the first or second date, but it will prevent problems down the line. And sometimes, acting crazy in the midst of stiff and rigid people can set you apart for the better – hey, it worked for Noah in “”The Notebook.””

    9. Don’t ask a girl out as a last resort. Period. Asking a girl out because there is no one else – or because you simply feel you need a date – is a very bad move. Even worse is telling her that’s the reason. Look at Hermione’s reaction to Ron’s asking her to the Yule Ball in “”Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”” That goes for girls, too. Guys don’t like being the consolation prize, either.

    8. If at first you don’t succeed, try twice as hard. Now, that doesn’t mean stalking a girl who has made it clear she is not interested. It means not giving up on trying to be friends. Show her (or him) that you are someone worthwhile. That was just the ticket for Han Solo and Princess Leia in “”Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.””

    7. First appearances can be deceiving. People often have rough exteriors; don’t be afraid to look past the mask. In “”Pride and Prejudice,”” Elizabeth Bennett had to learn the hard way that things are not always as they seem. In the end, Mr. Darcy was nothing as she expected, and it ended happily ever after.

    6. Be courteous to her parents, and involve them if at all possible in the relationship. It is important to recognize whether or not they are an important part of her life. If they are, be sure you are respectful and pleasant. In “”Clueless,”” Christian is disrespectful to Cher’s father, earning distrust in return. Sure, he was gay and didn’t think it was a date, but that is beside the point.

    5. Chivalry is not dead – at least, most women don’t want it to be. Modern men seem to think that women don’t like it if a guy opens the door or pays for the meal. While there are some who absolutely do not like that, the vast majority love it when the guy proves that chivalry isn’t completely gone, like Leopold did for Kate in “”Kate and Leopold.”” Don’t overdo it, but a touch can’t hurt.

    4. A good relationship is possible without sex. Yes, you read that correctly: Sex is not essential. In fact, many movies have couples who get married without having sex first, such as Lucy and Jack in “”While You Were Sleeping.””

    3. Don’t think that mistakes automatically disqualify you from the dating. Someone who recognizes his or her mistakes is infinitely better than someone who doesn’t. If you made the mistake, don’t accept defeat; if you are the one on the receiving end, don’t hold a grudge. After all, if Kathleen had never forgiven Joe’s mistakes in “”You’ve Got Mail,”” NY152 (Joe’s online name) would never have stood a chance.

    A good relationship is possible without sex. Yes, you read that correctly: Sex is not essential.

    2. Be willing to make sacrifices. Relationships are give and take, and that includes sacrifice. That’s true for both men and women. A classic example comes from “”10 Things I Hate About You,”” in which both Kat and Patrick must sacrifice – granted, in different ways – for each other. Without sacrifice, you have two people unwilling to give but expecting to take.

    1. Creativity wins out every time! Creative dates are the best kind. Tailor dates to what the other person likes to do. Look at the other person’s interests and plan fun dates around them – a new museum exhibit, a favorite movie or restaurant, whatever works for you. If Henry was able to come up with unique dates for all of his “”first dates”” with Lucy in “”50 First Dates,”” you can too!

    Art does imitate life, at least to an extent, and movies are no different. These tips from Hollywood may be cinematically created, but they apply to real life, too. So even if you don’t have a happily-ever-after ending, you will at least have a great Valentine’s Day date.

    Janne Perona is a criminal justice administration junior. She can be reached at

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