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    “On the Spot: Katie Lehn, undeclared freshman”

    What was the last situation you were involved in where the police were involved?

    Um, let’s see. I was at a party and the police busted it up, I guess. It was off-campus though, does that count?

    Yes that counts. Did you get in trouble?

    No I didn’t, actually.

    Right on. Have you ever been pulled over?

    Um, I have once. For a broken headlight – or taillight – for my license plate.

    Did you get a ticket or was it a warning where ‘Hey, you need to fix this or next time it’s gonna be like 500 dollars’?

    It was just a warning. Yeah, I think it was more of a DUI check kinda, ’cause it was really late at night.

    What was the last traffic law you broke besides the taillight and speeding?

    Maybe not fully stopping at a stop sign.

    Oh, okay kinda like a California roll going on?


    Do you think those red light cameras are as bad as everyone makes them out to be?

    No, I don’t. I think that’s smart. It’s trying to keep people safe so they won’t run red lights as much.

    What do you think about people who protest them?

    That’s just ridiculous.

    If you were going to a protest tomorrow, what would it be for?

    Oh gosh. I have no idea. Um, for the budget cuts probably, again, even though they’ve already been put through.

    Do you get road rage?

    Um, no I don’t really. I usually don’t even use my horn or anything.

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