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    Idols given idols

    On Sunday, the nation’s most important pretty people gathered at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles to celebrate the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony. “”The King’s Speech,”” “”The Social Network”” and “”Inception”” took the most trophies this year, but between predictable results and uneven banter from hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway, the ceremony had its ups and downs. For those who missed the show, here is a list of the best and worst moments of the anticipated broadcast.


    Themes! Every year the Academy Awards picks a neat theme for the ceremony. This year, the theme was “”movies.””

    Tom Hooper winning for Best Director and leaving audiences to imagine the Firth/Rush/Hooper “”triangle of man-love”” that inspired him.

    Comedy! This year’s running jokes between speakers included “”Swear words are naughty,”” “”Hugh Jackman is from Australia”” and “”I wish I was having sex with Anne Hathaway right now.””

    Oprah presents award, gives everyone in the audience a car.

    Idol worship! In some of those long shots it’s hard to discern Anne Hathaway in her gaffer-tape dress from an Oscar statuette.

    “”Inception”” wins for Best Rotating Hallway.

    Jennifer Lawrence didn’t take the trophy for “”Winter’s Bone,”” but she awarded herself the gift of looking really attractive for a national audience — a gift that keeps on giving (work in Hollywood).

    Generational schisms! “”Gone with the Wind””; “”Lord of the Rings.”” Kirk Douglas; Justin Timberlake. “”The King’s Speech””; “”The Social Network.”” Hollywood is so refined and timeless; Hollywood is so young and edgy!

    Randy Newman wins his second Oscar (and 20th nomination) for the same song he’s been writing since 1982.

    Even if you didn’t see this year’s Best Picture winner, you’ve still had the experience of waiting 2 hours for Colin Firth to give a speech.

    — Brandon Specktor


    James Franco forgetting the name of the winner of “”Best Picture”” moments after the award was handed out. I guess it’s tough to focus on reading cue cards when you’ve been high for the last 127 hours.

    Justin Timberlake making fun of a stroke survivor. Actually, thumbs down for anyone making Kirk Douglas jokes this week.

    The one-earring/pony tail combo featured by the recipient of the Best Makeup award, for the movie “”The Wolfman,”” no less. What a joke.

    Being reminded of the movie “”The Wolfman.””

    Another Academy Awards, another obligatory “”dead actor salute montage,”” not-that-funny appearance by Billy Crystal and John Williams Orchestra medley.

    Trent Reznor has an Academy Award, but Paul Giamatti doesn’t? The Oscars are worse than the Grammys now.

    Melissa Leo. Partially because of dropping this year’s only live Oscar F-bomb, mostly for showing us way more HD quinquagenarian side-boob than anyone’s ever wanted to see.

    Christopher Nolan’s go-to cinematographer Wally Pfister finally wins an Academy Award, but still can’t get away from his terrible name.

    Having to watch “”Shaq’s Big Challenge”” contestants singing “”Over the Rainbow”” at the end of the Oscars. Cliché and boring? Perfect way to end the Oscars!

    Obama’s completely pointless cameo.

    — Remy Albillar


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