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    The Best of Overheard on Campus

    Cops responding to marijuana call

    Girl: I hate being on the fifth floor! It’s so high!

    Cop: Apparently not as high as the eighth floor.

    – Coronado Residence Hall

    Girl: It reeks of drunk college kids in here.

    – Social Sciences 100

    Girl: I opened the door to the washing machine and my alarm clock was in there!

    – Park Student Union

    Guy: I want to get you worked up till your heart’s racing.

    Girl: Yeah baby? Mmm I can’t wait … oh … shit … speaking of heart racing, remind me to get a refill for my inhaler.

    – The Cellar Bistro

    After Nic Wise misses free throw

    Girl: He’s upset. They get so butt-hurt when they miss.

    Guy behind her: Girls also get butt-hurt when I miss.

    – McKale Center

    Boy: Your roommate is crazy.

    Girl: Oh, the one that accidentally lit your pants on fire?

    Boy: No, she’s pretty cool. The other one, she’s crazy!

    – Park Student Union

    Girl One: I heard this song the other day by a new band called the ‘Foo Fighters.’ Stupid name, right? I don’t think they’ll last long.

    Girl Two: Ew, yeah I saw the music video, must be their very first single. Who gets into music at 40?

    – Park Student Union

    Girl: I can’t date guys who are uncircumcised. It’s like they have penises in little outfits!

    – Bison Witches

    Boy: If I had to choose between water and
    Keystone, I would choose Keystone. It has more water than water!

    – Coronado Residence Hall

    Guy: People with mustaches don’t fuck around.

    Modern Languages building

    Girl: But didn’t he sleep with all the black women?

    Guy: My dad or Abraham Lincoln?

    – Student Union Memorial Center

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