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    BLOG: UA is more green than you’d think

    When people think of the phrase “green,” many associate it with being eco-friendly; not the actual color. Likewise, people don’t often think of the color green when they envision Arizona, with its sprawling deserts and blatant lack of rain. 

    On the University of Arizona campus there is plenty of green to go around. In honor of the Daily Wildcat’s Green edition, here are some of the many green things to be found all over campus.

    Green Caution Poles: Stopping large vehicles and providing a mini-obstacle course for cyclists and skateboarders alike, these pillars are like the UA’s permanent green traffic cones.

    Bike racks: If the dozens of bike racks around campus haven’t given it away, students and faculty here like their bikes. They also like when their bikes don’t get stolen. These lovely green bike racks provide a place for cyclists to lock their bikes while in class or at meetings.

    UA Food Day Fair balloon: Billowing in the Tucsonian breeze, this neon green balloon caught many eyes in its quest to advertise the UA Food Day Fair. The origin of these balloons seems a bit suspicious, considering the blue balloon is from Campus Health Services.

    Bike Route sign: More bikes, more green. Having so many pedestrians and bikers sharing the streets around campus could easily end in disaster, but designated bike paths are here to prevent that. The green signs that indicate the paths are the same shade as ones you would find on other roads.

    Green Bike: There are so many bikes. Some people have simple, neutral-colored bikes. Not this person. The neon green on their tires can be seen from a mile away, and even if it doesn’t make the bike go any faster, the rider will at least feel like they are.

    Keep Off Grass sign: In an effort to keep grass alive in Tucson, the grounds maintenance around campus have been doing some reseeding in the past several weeks. While this area behind the Psychology building was taking its turn, students and faculty were politely asked to stay off the grass by a little green sign.

    Pipe Cover: The sun can make things a bit hot out here, so in an effort to keep important pipes cool and functioning, these puffy green pipe coverings blanket any important outside plumbing.

    Bike Basket: This is the last bike related item, I swear. Looking at this little green basket attached to the back of a bike, one expects to find Toto from The Wizard of Oz inside. Puppies in baskets are adorable, especially when the baskets are green.

    Recycling Box: There are two types of recycling receptacles around campus: the blue boxes, which accept plastics and metal materials, and the green boxes, which accept paper goods. These boxes can be found in practically every building on campus, so there’s no reason to throw those old gen ed notes in the trash when you can recycle them in one of these.

    Sprite bottles: Sprite is one of the few green drinks out there, and whether you’re a Coke or Pepsi fan, the lemon-lime soda’s signature green bottle is always a favorite. And green.

    The “Ex” in FedEx: The colors on FedEx labels on trucks have a couple different color schemes, but this purple and green one was in the Student Union roundabout recently. Green means go, and the “Ex” in FedEx stands for express. It’s a fitting coloration.

    Starbucks Logo: Who could talk about green things on campus without talking about the famously green coffee chain? From their sign, to the employee aprons, to the little straws that they put in iced drinks, to the actual massive amount of green Howard Schultz rakes in, the chain is all about the green.

    The UA Mall: It’s the hub of activity at the university, the center of campus, the place where it all happens: the Mall. There’s nowhere on campus that could rival the amount of green seen on the mall, and very few around Tucson that can measure up. In a city where desert dirt is the conventional landscape and front lawns are inconceivable, the UA Mall is a little green oasis.

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