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    Saget shuns Tucson; still has time for Wildcat

    With a new TV gig, an upcoming movie and a job traveling around the country for his stand-up comedy tour, Bob Saget’s schedule is quite full. So full that he had to cancel his Saturday night show at Centennial Hall.

    Although being able to see him live here in Tucson will not be a possibility, Saget’s words are too good not to pass on.

    The 50-year-old actor/comedian wants to make some clarifications about roles he has played in the past.

    “”Don’t you want to hear me sing?”” Saget asked me on the phone last week. “”At the end of my show I sing ‘Danny Tanner Wasn’t Gay’ to the tune of ‘I Want it That Way’ by the Backstreet Boys. It doesn’t get any gayer than that.””

    Okay, ha-ha, another “”Full House”” joke.

    Speaking of marijuana, Sagat has written, directed and does a voice in what he calls a “”stoner movie,”” “”Farce of the Penguins.””

    Saget wants to clear up some other possible misconceptions, however, about his personally.

    For one, his appearance on the HBO hit, “”Entourage,”” was not 100 percent accurate.

    Saget, playing himself, was the new neighbor to Vince Chase and his crew, smoking pot out of a bong and hooking up with prostitutes from the nearby upper-class whorehouse.

    “”I’m not like that,”” Saget said. “”I’m going out with people but I’ve never been with a hooker.””

    He didn’t, however, mention the pot smoking.

    Speaking of marijuana, Saget has written, directed and does a voice in what he calls a “”stoner movie,”” “”Farce of the Penguins,”” a parody of the 2005 documentary “”March of the Penguins.”” The R-rated film is expected to be out in January.

    The lineup for the film is pretty solid. It includes Samuel L. Jackson (who narrates), Jamie Kennedy and Dane Cook.

    “”I love Dane,”” said Saget of the comedian he shared his stand-up beginnings with at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. “”That place was like a womb for us.””

    Yes, Saget is quite busy these days since playing Tanner on “”Full House”” and his gig with “”America’s Funniest Home Videos.””

    Although Saget is long through hosting “”America’s Funniest,”” he has not given up on the game show scene.

    He has again taken on the role of host, this time to NBC’s new show “”1 vs. 100.””

    With no script to follow, Saget has a lot more leeway from producers on his commentary, as opposed to “”America’s Funniest,”” where he was a bit frustrated by his limitations.

    “”There’s really only four ways to narrate people getting hit in the crotch,”” Saget said.

    The contrast between his wholesome father figure and corny game show host and his origins as a raunchy comedian have been something that Saget has dealt with ever since “”Full House”” first aired in 1987.

    Both sides of Saget have quite the following. A website,, explains all the reasons as to why he should be ruler of the universe including the fact that the name “”Bob”” has three letters, as does the word “”god.””

    Saget re-counted the meeting with the website’s founder.

    “”I met him in Atlanta,”” Saget said. “”He bowed down on his hands and knees and said, ‘I’m not worthy,”” and I told him, ‘It is I, my son.'””

    Which raises the question: If Bob Saget really is god, shouldn’t he be able to be in two places at the same time? Then he would be able to perform for us this weekend. Too bad.

    For ticket refunds for the cancelled Saget show, call 621-3381.

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