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    ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ memorable

    Kristen Bell and Russell Brand share a special moment in Forgetting Sarah Marshall as an irritated Jason Segel looks on. Marshall is the latest product of teen movie sensation Judd Apatows fevered imagination.
    Kristen Bell and Russell Brand share a special moment in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ as an irritated Jason Segel looks on. ‘Marshall’ is the latest product of teen movie sensation Judd Apatow’s fevered imagination.

    Don’t even read this review. I can sum up the whole movie in one sentence – freaking hilarious. Stop reading. Go see “”Forgetting Sarah Marshall.””

    For all you traditionalists out there still reading this review despite my protests, I’ll continue.

    “”Forgetting Sarah Marshall”” is the latest comedic hit from Judd Apatow, the mastermind behind “”The 40 Year Old Virgin”” and “”Knocked Up.”” Like his other films, the characters are multi-faceted, likeable and hilarious. They are also easily recognizable, as Apatow likes to employ his list of usual suspects in each of his films, many of whom acted in his highly underrated TV series “”Freaks and Geeks.””

    “”Forgetting Sarah Marshall”” follows Peter Bretter (Jason Segel), a musician for a CSI-like TV series, through his break up with Sarah Marshall (the lovely Kristen Bell, of the late series “”Veronica Mars””), the main actress for this TV series.

    “”Forgetting Sarah Marshall””
    Rated R – 112 mins.
    Apatow Productions
    5 stars!!!

    After an awkward yet hilarious nude break-up scene and a few laughable one-night stands, Bretter follows the advice of his friends and takes a vacation to Hawaii to clear his head and mend his broken heart. Unfortunately, Marshall has picked the exact same Hawaiian resort as the destination for a romantic vacation with her new love – eccentric musician Aldous Snow (a scene-stealing Russell Brand).

    Luckily for Bretter, a very tan and gorgeous hotel employee Rachel Jansen (Mila Kunis) takes pity on him and starts hanging out with him.

    Through a series of awkward run-ins with Marshall and Snow, Bretter finds himself befriending most of the hotel staff, drinking heavily, and incidentally beginning an out-of-the-box romance with Jansen, all set against a gorgeous Hawaiian backdrop.

    Typical of most romantic comedies, Marshall becomes jealous and messes with Bretter’s head, which forces him to make the classic decision: new love or old love? Blonde or brunette?

    Unlike most romantic comedies, however, instead of ending with some cheesy Hawaiian love scene, the audience follows Bretter back to L.A., where he finally finishes his masterpiece: a Dracula-inspired musical with puppets.

    After the disappointing “”Drillbit Taylor,”” Apatow has redeemed himself with “”Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”” It’s everything we expect from him: hilarious, gross, boundary-pushing and ultimately endearing.

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