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    “On the Spot: Carly Schmidgall, pre-physiology sophomore”

    So how do you feel when you spend hours studying for a test and make a considerable effort and end up receiving, like, a “”C””?

    I feel it is extremely frustrating. I mean it all comes down to how you take tests, like with O-chem. I study really hard, I know what I am doing, I really do and I even teach the material to people and they get better grades than me.

    Exactly! That just literally makes me want to shoot myself.

    Honestly, same here. I get so pissed about it. It’s not that I am doing anything wrong, I mean I could always study harder, but I think I am just a bad test taker and I get stressed out and I don’t think I think things through. It just sucks when you put it so much effort and think you did really great and then when you get that D2L grade and you’re like ‘Are you kidding me?’ I cannot afford a “”C”” in the class.

    Would you rather take, like, a bunch of tests or write an extremely long paper?

    I’d rather write a paper. I know I am a really good writer because of like AP English and stuff like that and I know I can get a better grade on that when I have time to think about what I want to say rather than ‘Hey here’s problems, do these.’ I don’t have an analytical mind. I don’t think like that, so I just like writing.

    What is your favorite snack to get in the Union?

    Chocolate bread from anywhere, like Canyon. The chocolate cake … to die for.

    How do you feel about fake tanning?

    I’m too scared to get skin cancer. I tried it a few times last year and I’ll never do it again. I mean it’d be nice to have that bronze all year long because I hate in the winter when you get, like, farmer’s tan because you are still super white but your stomach is even whiter.

    Recently some celebrities have been promoting that they are anti-UV and not going to tan to support skin cancer awareness, yet I still see them with a nice glow?

    It could be Jergens.

    It definitely could be. Would you ever get a spray-on, like let’s say for Halloween, because that seems to be a trend on campus?

    Those seem to go wrong, right? I don’t want to be bright orange, like really obvious, and also I would not want people to know that I went to such lengths to be ‘tan’.

    — Caroline Nachazel


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