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    Police Beat: Jan. 25

    Pinch and tell

    A female UA student reported an assault at the Science-Engineering Library at 11:31 p.m. on Thursday.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer arrived at the library and spoke with the student while other officers searched for the suspect.

    The student said that she was studying in her normal spot at the northwest corner of the fourth floor.

    She was listening to music on her headphones while seated with her back to an unknown woman.

    The unknown woman tapped the student on the shoulder and asked the student to turn down the volume on her headphones.

    The student obliged but asked that the woman not touch her again.

    Several minutes later, the student overheard the woman packing up to leave.

    The unknown woman then pinched the student’s right arm near her bicep and began to stand over her.

    The woman told her that she would not be able to pass any classes because the student wears headphones while she studies.

    The student shouted to another student in the library for assistance so she wouldn’t be left alone with the woman.

    The woman had left the area when the student reported the incident to the library staff and asked to press charges.

    However, the unknown woman was in the lobby and overheard the conversation. The student then noticed the woman running out of the library.

    The police officers were unable to find the suspect.

    Vulgar virago vilifies via Facebook <3

    A UA professor reported an inappropriate Facebook post made by one of his students at 4:35 p.m. on Thursday.

    The professor said that one of his female students was disappointed that she received a low class participation grade due to an administrative error by one of the teaching assistants.

    Before the professor could correct the grade, the student posted a status that read, “”Professor, I hope someone rapes you up the ass and then you die. The end. <3.””

    The professor told the UAPD officer that it wasn’t threatening, harassing or harming, but it was inappropriate and vulgar.

    The Facebook status was reported to the Dean of Student’s office as student misconduct.

    The Dean of Student’s office told the professor that he needed to file the incident with UAPD.

    No criminal investigation was desired and all sanctions are being handled by the Dean of Student’s office.

    The student’s class participation grade has since been corrected.

    He doesn’t even go here

    A homeless man was found sleeping in a room at McClelland Hall at 10:56 p.m. on Thursday.

    A UA police aide found the man sleeping inside the room and reported it to UAPD.

    Two UAPD officers arrived shortly after and woke the man sleeping on the floor.

    The homeless man had entered through the double doors of the room while the building was open several hours prior.

    He admitted to knowing that he was trespassing, but said that it was a good place to sleep because it was warm.

    The man consented to a property search by one of the officers.

    The officer found a bag of marijuana, a glass pipe and a lighter among other things in the man’s possession.

    The officer asked the man if anyone else knew that he was sleeping in McClelland Hall.

    The man said that it was “”his place”” and that he kept it secret from people.

    He also said that he had been sleeping there for the past four nights and would probably have come the next night if he had not been caught.

    The man was placed under arrest at 11:11 p.m. by an officer on charges of criminal trespassing, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    He was escorted out of McClelland Hall, cited and released.

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