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    Athlete of the Week: Jordan Schupan

    Editor’s note: The Arizona Daily Wildcat’s Vincent Balistreri caught up with the Arizona club hockey team’s Jordan Schupan after his five-goal performance in a two-game sweep against Saint Louis University over the weekend. The sophomore forward discussed his prediction for the Icecats’ home opener next weekend, his take on Lute Olson’s retirement and his presidential pick.

    Wildcat: You scored five goals over the weekend and you guys got the sweep. How did that feel?
    Schupan: It definitely felt good to get the first wins out the way. We definitely got back on the right track. Now we’re going to be at home, so we’re excited about that.

    W: Last year you had a hat trick in October and now you get another hat trick in October. What is it about October?
    S: I don’t know. It’s worked out well for me. Hopefully I can be more consistent this year.

    W: Icecats head coach Leo Golembiewski said he joked around after the game that he probably wouldn’t get another goal from you until January. What did you have to say about that?
    S:(Laughs) He told me that after the first game and I had two goals. Then the next day I had that hat trick and he says it again.

    W: Who wins the Stanley Cup next year?
    S: I got to go Detroit. A lot of people hate Detroit, but I’m from Michigan so that’s my team.

    W: Who’s the most famous person you ever met?
    S: Adam Sandler.

    W: Who do think is the hottest chick on campus?
    S: (Laughs) Here we go. There are a lot of them. I can’t just pinpoint one. But there are a lot to choose from.

    W: What other sport besides hockey do you enjoy watching?
    S: I like watching college football.

    W: What’s your favorite college football team?
    S: Michigan State. Where I’m from is an hour away from there. Football and basketball.

    W: So who would win between Arizona and Ite in football?
    S: Uhhh … (laughs). That’s a tough one this year. State’s not bad this year. They’ve had a pretty good year. Arizona also has had a good year. They almost beat USC, but I have to go with my new school.

    W: What do you think about Lute Olson retiring?
    S: I think it was sudden. No one saw it coming. But it’s tough. They had all those new guys coming for next year and with all those guys dropping out, whoever takes over has their work cut out for them.

    W: So where are you from, Kamaz…?
    S: Kalamazoo, Michigan.

    W: What can you tell me about Kalamazoo?
    S: It’s two hours from Chicago and two hours from Detroit. It’s nice in the summer, lots of lakes, but in the winter not as much.

    W: Obama or McCain?
    S: I’ve got to go with McCain. I know it’s not a campus favorite.

    W: Why?
    S: I’m a business major and some of the taxing policies he would like to implement would benefit small business. I think it’s a good way to increase job growth.

    W: With your home opener coming up Nov. 7 against DePaul, what’s your prediction?
    S: Definitely a sweep. We plan on putting up a lot of goals that weekend, giving the fans something to see.

    W: Is that a guarantee?
    S: Yeah, I guarantee it (laughs). I’ll put a guran-Sheed on it even though that didn’t work out too good.

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