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    In response to “20-something voters: ‘Jersey Shore’ can wait, nation’s future can’t” (Aug. 28):

    Jason Krell describes the voting process in an entirely backward way. Mr. Krell’s solution to our nation’s problems is for young people to blindly cast a ballot just for the sake of voting when he says, “So what do we do? Vote, for starters, even if your opinions aren’t based on much.”

    Why on earth is voting “for starters?” Isn’t voting the culmination of months or even years of examination of the issues at hand? The process of voting starts with becoming informed of the issues, carefully examining alternative viewpoints and finally casting your vote after much consideration.

    Voting for the sake of voting is reckless, as is encouraging young people to do so. You cannot form an opinion without some basic knowledge of the relevant details. Our nation needs informed young voters, not masses of students voting based on a feeling, or a hunch, or what they heard some guy in their dorm say one night.

    By encouraging voting as the first priority above all, Mr. Krell discounts the much more important task of being an informed citizen. People who pay attention and know about the details will be much more likely to vote, and will be in a much better position to express effectively their views to their friends and family.

    Anyone who casts a ballot without devoting a good deal of time and serious thought to the process does a major disservice to this country, as does any journalist who encourages young people to do so.

    — Daniel Joseph Kinnear,
    business research specialist
    Economic and Business Research Center

    In response to “Transfer students struggle to transition from community college to 4-year instutitions” (Aug. 27):

    While reading the Daily Wildcat on Aug. 27, we came across your article in the “Perspectives” section. We want Megyn and other transfer students to know they have a resource at the University of Arizona, the Transfer Student Center.

    The Transfer Student Center is dedicated to making the transfer students’ transition to the U of A smooth and successful by providing tools to guide and aid their university experience. We offered half day orientation sessions over a four day period that included workshops, campus tours, campus resources and student forums to prepare transfer students for the academic year. We also had a Transfer Student Mixer before Convocation and are hosting a Luncheon with our Faculty Fellow on Sept. 10 12 – 1:30 to discuss important events in the world of transfer students.

    The Transfer Student Center is here to help transfers “find your way.” We invite all transfer students to come to the Transfer Student Center on the 4th floor of the SUMC, Suite 402. Our hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and our website is

    — Katrina M. Crawford
    Graduate Assistant
    Transfer Student Center

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