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    A taste of Tokyo for Tucson

    Japanese band POLYSICS ð- note the uppercase name – demands attention with its matching red jumpsuits, intriguing stage personas and explosive synthesizer sounds. Drawing upon the sound of new-wave artists like Devo, the band has grown in popularity around the world since its birth 10 years ago.

    This Sunday, these Japanese rock stars will descend on Tucson and unleash their electric live show. The band will perform at Solar Culture, 31 E. Tode Ave., at 8 p..m. Tickets are $10.POLYSICS front man Hiroyuki Hayashi took time to answer these questions via e-mail.

    Wildcat: What’s the current touring lineup of the band?

    Hiroyuki Hayashi: Hayashi: guitar, vocal, programming, vocoder; Kayo: synthesizer, guitar, voice, vocoder; Fumi: bass, voice, synthesizer; Yano: drums, voice.

    W: POLYSICS tours America very often. Why is it important to the band to do so?

    H: We can experience things that we can’t in Japan when we tour abroad, and these experiences are great source of inspiration for the making of our music. Having said that, the reason we come to America is simply because there are people who are waiting to see our show.

    W: Many of your American fans likely don’t understand your Japanese lyrics. What do you do in the live show to keep them interested?

    H: I’m not worried at all that the audiences may not understand our lyrics. When I grew up listening to rock music (from the West), I didn’t understand the lyrics but felt excitement just from sounds. I felt the soul and energy that a records had. So for those who don’t understand our lyrics, I hope they can feel the power that our words have.

    W: How would you describe the POLYSICS sound to someone who has never heard you before?

    H: It is punkish and hyper-energetic band sound played from impulse combined with high-speed digital sounds. It’s the new style of rock sound that no one has experienced before, which, to me, is very “”new wave.””

    W: What are the band’s reasons for making new-wave style music?

    H: From most of the rock music out there now, I don’t feel the urge or the significance for them to play the music they play, like “”We will change the time with our music!”” or “”We will shock everybody!”” When we thought about what type of music we should play, we settled on the idea of making music that one has ever heard before – music that’s new and exciting. That spirit, I think, is new wave. New wave is not just a style but it’s the spirit of breaking out of ordinary and crafting things that counters your time.

    W: What do you say to people who may think POLYSICS is a joke or gimmick?

    H: We wear jumpsuits and play the music we play just because we think that’s cool. If you experience our show, the image of us being a gimmick will go away. If there’s someone around you who thinks we’re a joke or gimmick, bring them to our show!

    W: What’s the band’s favorite song to play? Why?

    H: “”Buggie Technica.”” It’s the first song that we ever made after forming POLYSICS. It still gets me pumped up when we play it. I also enjoy playing the new songs that we’ve been playing on this tour. These are the types of music that we didn’t make before and feel fresh. Since the songs are a bit hard to play, they give me a nice sense of tension.

    W: How does the average American crowd compare to others around the world?

    H: I think West Coast, especially Arizona, is the most energetic audience in the world. They feel our music with their body and dance to it. I personally like feeling rather than thinking, so I’m very happy with the way they enjoy our music.

    W: What else should people know about the band?

    H: It would be great if you can come see our show. If you also buy our CD and know more about our music, that’d be super!

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