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    In response to “College of Education starts effort to establish day-care program on campus” (by Rachel McCluskey, Nov. 1):

    A little history: In the ’70s, there was a thriving preschool lab on campus — supported by the Child Development & Family Relations Department — at a one-story building at 2nd and Cherry.

    We offered two sessions, a.m. and p.m., and met the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of 2 to 5-year-olds. Children of both faculty and students were admitted with a waiting list each year. CDFR majors would student teach with our children and work with the parents. UA students from many disciplines were able to use the lab for observing and interacting with children — the best way to learn.

    The lab was a positive model for child care and a wonderful resource of the University. The lab school closed in the late 70’s and was a loss, especially for the children, the families and the academic community.

    I am glad that the College of Education will be offering a preschool program with a day care component to help current working parents. It will follow a grand tradition.

    — Kay H S

    In response to the Daily Wildcat’s 2012 elections endorsements (Oct. 30):

    Grijalva boycotting his own state is level headed? If that is your logic, so is binge drinking.

    Obama for president because he has been doing it for four years and accomplishing SO much (sarcasm) is a reason to give him another four years? If I have a poor work history, should I get my contract renewed? Coach Stoops knows what I’m talking ’bout.

    — Brian

    Wow, an absurd slam against the Tea Party and an endorsement of President Obama. Yeah, this was totally objective. Nope, not indicative of a longer pattern of liberal bias by the Daily Wildcat at all.

    — Kevin Wos

    Wildcat again supports a winning line-up.

    — Robert Rowley

    Not even a mention for Libertarian Gary Johnson…. You said right in the article that Americans are not thrilled with either candidate, so why leave out any third party candidates?

    — Colin

    Great article and perfect observations! Now let’s get out the vote!

    — Karen

    In response to “Matt Scott incident demonstrates football culture’s carelessness” (by Dan Desrochers, Oct. 31):

    Change this type of play. Immediately eject the penalized player, suspend him from play for the next 2 games. If it’s the last game, carry the suspension for the next season by suspending a person that’s playing their position.

    — CatFan

    The thing is people are looking at this based on the narrow context of one play as opposed to the entire season. Scott has said that he doesn’t handle playing in the heat very well and during spring and summer drills would throw up literally every day during practice.

    You saw a guy get hit and then shortly thereafter throw up and assume there is a connection. That is a very reasonable assumption to make because it appears isolated. But from Rodriguez’s perspective, this could be the 40th time he’s seen Scott puke after running hard in the heat so it probably didn’t seem that out of the ordinary.

    — Damon

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