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    EDITORIAL: Wildcat evolves with changing industry

    EDITORIAL: Wildcat evolves with changing industry

    The world of journalism and newspapers, like almost everything else in our modern society, is changing rapidly. Those that are unable to adapt usually don’t survive.

    Big adjustments have happened here at the Daily Wildcat the last few years as well. With the realities of the industry staring us in the face, we too have had to make tough decisions in order to continue producing the news which audiences demand and deserve.

    One of these advancements is the transformation of the print publication that our staff creates. Not long ago, this publication produced print papers five times a week, and as recently as a year ago, three times a week. Last semester, with the realization that more people are engaging our content online, we scaled back again, essentially becoming a weekly on the newsstands.

    Our staff produces nearly as much content, in the form of videos, tweets and more, along with traditional articles, as it did when daily papers were the norm. Our content has merely shifted, both in its presentation and its delivery method.

    This doesn’t mean that we are no longer the “Daily” Wildcat, nor does it mean that “print is dead.” Many of us in the industry still have a soft spot in our hearts for the smell of ink and newsprint, and beyond nostalgia, there is an undeniable permanence with a physical paper that will never be replicated in the digital realm. No one can pull the plug or “turn off” a newspaper.

    The shift to a digital-first approach has not diminished the significance of our print product; the paper is actually enhanced due to this method.

    To that end, our staff has again decided to move forward rather than remain stagnant, and has embarked on a complete redesign of how our paper looks. No longer will the publication be broken up into the typical news, arts and sports sections, with stories pigeonholed into certain rigid placements.

    Instead, our staff is looking towards other publications with longer shelf lives and combining certain aspects along with our own creative vision to transform the Daily Wildcat into a more free-flowing, accessible paper.

    We are excited for how this will allow us to present information to you, our audience, and the new opportunities all of these ongoing changes will bring. Already we have spent many long hours determining the best way to serve our community, and these conversations will continue as we learn and grow during this process.

    The goal for all of these changes is to make our paper, the University of Arizona and ourselves better. As the demands of audiences and technology advance, so to will the methods of storytelling.

    What won’t change is our dedication to gathering and reporting the facts needed to make your lives more informed and entertaining. And even when future journalists are creating V.R. content or utilizing other advanced delivery methods, there will still be a place for print.

    Editorials are determined by the Daily Wildcat Opinions Board and are written by its members. They are Editor-in-chief Courtney Talak, Opinions Editor Andrew Paxton, Content Editor Marissa Heffernan, Engagement Editor Saul Bookman and Arts & Life Editor Pascal Albright. Follow Daily Wildcat on Twitter.

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