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    Students get crack at tuition debate

    The yearly tuition survey is out this afternoon, giving students a chance to say where they would like to see their tuition dollars spent at the UA.

    “”The student tuition survey is going to weigh extremely heavily on the student tuition proposal that gets put forward at the Board of Regents (meeting) in December,”” said Tommy Bruce, president of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona.

    “”It is one thing for me to say this is what is important to the students, in my opinion as student body president,”” he added. “”It is a whole other ball game for me to say, ‘This is what students think as a whole.’ “”

    The survey will be sent through the listserv at 4 p.m. to all UA students, including graduate students, Bruce said.

    Although he does not expect many seniors to complete the suvey, he encourages them to do so.

    “”Seniors have an insight to where tuition dollars should be spent because they have been on this campus for four-plus years,”” he said.

    New on the survey this year is an educational grid showing how tuition increases affect the UA.

    “”If the tuition doesn’t increase by seven percent, then the UA loses money, and if it increases above seven percent, then that money would go towards what students consider priorities,”” said Catherine Neish, president of the Graduate and Professional Student Council.

    A tuition increase affects graduate and non-resident students, as well.

    “”If tuition increases by seven percent for residents, then it will increase by nine percent for non-residents,”” Neish said.

    There will be two different surveys, one given to undergraduates and one to graduate and professional students, because they each have their own priorities, she said.

    For example, Neish said half of all graduate students get health care from the UA, while few undergraduate students sign up for a UA health plan.

    The UA looked at its past surveys and those from other universities while compiling this year’s editions, said Michael Slugocki, vice chair of the Arizona Students’ Association board of directors.

    “”The Board of Regents will look at the student survey results and, if enough people respond to the survey, it would be hard for them to go against an argument,”” Slugocki said.

    Students will have until Friday to complete the survey.

    “”This is the largest campuswide opportunity for students to put their two cents in,”” Bruce said. “”It is a good opportunity for students to say, ‘If we have to have an increase, what level would I be willing to support?’ “”

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