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    Super Cool News: Bunker down and make it through finals by following these tips

    Tom Price
    Electrical Engineering major Jacqueline Kientzler falls asleep at her computer on Sunday, May 1.

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    Finals. The word that college students dread the most. There is simply no avoiding them, unless of course you drop out of school, which starts to sound like a better and better option around this time of year.

    However, if you’re a stubborn case determined to obtain a college degree before getting a shitty job and discovering your lack of value life then surviving hell on earth, also known as finals week, is a must

    For many of us, finals become a sad reminder of how little effort we have actually put into our classes during the semester. All the nights of procrastination and drunken belligerence seemed like great ideas at the time, but now start to manifest as questionable decisions.

    Some others see finals as a blessing. Students have a chance to really show what they know and make it clear how smart they are, paving the way for graduate school and future success later on in life. Naturally, these people start studying days, or maybe even weeks, in advance.

    Everyone hates those people.

    We all know the feeling of walking into a daunting room and preparing to take a final exam. The dryness in your mouth, the increase in your heartbeat, the sudden urge to scream at the top of your lungs while fully knowing this exam could count for 50 percent of your final grade in the course. All while the professor sits in the back of the room and smiles at the displeasure of the students.

    It’s a sad, sad situation, and one that will run rampant throughout the UA campus in the next two weeks. One word to keep in mind during this incredibly stressful time: coffee. Yep, even though most of us probably already believe this, the heavenly aroma of a cappuccino or a macchiato become your best friend in the days to come. At minimum, have a cup in the morning, one in the afternoon, one at snack time, and one at night. Also, don’t be afraid to spike it with an extra special little something, just to take the edge off.

    Some choose coffee, others alcohol, and many go with Adderall as their go-to option for getting through the dark days of finals. There is no wrong answer here, you just have to find the one that best suits you. Pretty soon, we’ll start to overhear things from students like “I studied all night for this exam” and “I don’t even know anything on this thing,” or the ever so bold “I think I’m just gonna wing it.”

    Remember, the right amount of coffee and confidence in yourself will always take you further than any amount of studying will. Don’t become one of those kids who stays in the library for hours and hours on end until their brain cells start to ooze out their ears.

    Together, we can make it through finals. Basically, we should all take a break from normal and crazy nights of drunken stupidity, study a little bit, take our finals, and then once again continue with the crazy drunken nights to try and lessen the pain from failing our finals.

    Better start studying now, or not. Good luck everyone.

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