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    “On the spot: Jason Ploghoft, Finance senior”

    What are you doing for spring break?

    Well, I’m going to Las Vegas for a couple days, then San Diego.

    Plan to win a lot of money?

    I’m going to try. I’ll hit up the craps table, then some poker and blackjack.

    Do you have a lucky charm? Lucky underwear or anything?

    Just a lot of practice online.

    Are you good?

    At blackjack. I know the odds and I’ve never lost. I’ve never came out negative.

    Do you count cards?

    I don’t because there are like five or six decks. So, uh, (laughs) a little hard.

    What are you going to do with your winnings? Roll out to the clubs?

    Drop some money on girls and buy drinks for everyone. (Laughs) Just kidding.

    If you could go anywhere for spring break with unlimited funds, where would you go?

    Either Costa Rica or Argentina.

    A little Latin flavor.

    Latin girls.

    With spring break coming up, you’re halfway through the semester. How’s it going?

    It’s going well. Every day that goes by, senioritis tends to grow. I keep looking at the end instead of now. Things are getting easier, even though they’re getting tougher because I’m caring less.

    Are you going straight to a grad school?

    I’m actually taking intermediate accounting, two courses over the summer in Portland online actually. So I leave here, take two accounting courses and then start graduate school.

    How are you going to leave Tucson? With a big hurrah?

    As fast as I can. The whole last week is pretty much nothing. So there’s the tradition at Dirtbags at 6 a.m., then graduation. It should be a good last week.

    If you could install a timer that shows the time you’ll meet your soul mate, would you get it?

    I think I would. So watch this. It takes out some of the mystery and all that, but if you had a timer, you could say, “”OK, this is when I’m going to settle down, this is when I’ll meet her.”” Do your thing. So the time before that time goes off, I can be single, I don’t have to search, I can travel, and you’re free to become independent. When the timer goes off you can be like, “”All right. I didn’t waste time searching and here’s my soul mate. Time to settle down.””

    Yeah, but aren’t you shaped by people you date?

    Well, I think you need to grow as an individual to who you are. Your soul mate should complement you. So you have to be who you are and grow as an individual before that happens.

    But some of the people you’ve dated have probably impacted you.

    True. But I would say that my morals and foundation of who I am was set before I dated them.

    What if she’s your soul mate but you’re not hers?

    Huh. Love grows. You grow to love, right? Obviously it has to be mutual. I’m not going to waste her time or mine.

    I wouldn’t want to know. I like the mystery.

    Well, if you like to date a lot you’d want the intrigue. I would rather take a break from that and travel. Leave it all for later.

    — Kathleen Roosa

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