Al Jisr Collective Photo Gallery – Spring 2023


Photos by an Al Jisr Collective member.

A man cooks food at a popular local restaurant, Ali Madra, in Baab Al-Kabir, the oldest area of the city of Taiz, Yemen on Feb. 16, 2023. The wood-fired food consists of beans with garlic and spices, along with a type of bread called khameer. It is prepared in a traditional Yemeni way that gives it a delicious taste and unique smell.

Al Jisr | The Bridge

The Bridge is a collaboration among students from the University of Arizona and four public universities in Yemen: University of Aden, Hadramout University, Taiz University, and University of Saba Region. In this nine-month cultural exchange project, students engage regularly, share experiences, and work together on journalistic projects, including multimedia stories, a group podcast series, and this photo gallery. This gallery includes photos taken by students in the Spring 2023 cohort. Some student work is presented under the Al Jisr Collective name for the security and safety of those contributors.