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    Underage students should get fake IDs

    Alcohol is big on the UA campus. From Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall parties to the bars, liquor can easily be found on campus every night.

    Even though most Arizona students won’t turn 21 until their third or fourth year of college, finding that hook-up to purchase the alcohol is even easier than online general education courses.

    Most underage drinkers just try and find good friends who are older than 21 or a friend with a fake ID. These options are solid, but the most reliable way would be for you to go out and purchase your own fake ID. This way, liquor can be attained on your own time and — if you have a bulletproof fake — you can roll to the bars. Just don’t go by yourself.

    Investing in a fake driver’s license is not for the weak or stupid. If you are too nervous about the slight possibility you could get caught or you are too stupid and probably will get caught, it might be in your best interest to just wait till you’re 21. Otherwise, a fake ID is a fruitful investment.

    It should be noted that using a fake ID isn’t the same as using a friend’s or relative’s ID who remotely looks similar to you. You’re probably more likely to get caught at some point. Also, using an ID or credit card with another name on it runs the risk of being charged with a felony.

    Kristen O’Berry, an undeclared sophomore, said she saw her friend fail when she tried to use a relative’s ID.

    “She didn’t look the age at all and they took the ID from her and told her to leave before they called the cops,” O’Berry said. But she added that she sees benefits of owning a fake ID. “You can partake in the nightlife, such as bars and clubs. There’s also much less of a hassle.”

    The reason purchasing a fake ID is worth the risk is because getting caught by the police is unlikely, and if they do catch you the punishment isn’t too harsh. First-time offenders often will have their ID taken away and will receive a misdemeanor, which can be wiped off your record with a diversion class.

    More often, bouncers, bartenders and liquor store employees will just take your ID and tell you to leave. It’s almost unheard of to have one call the police, but be ready to run if they do call for some reason.

    The best part about owning a fake is when you bring back that round of liquor and racks of beer from the store, you immediately become the life of the party. You singlehandedly turn a normal kickback at the house into a full-blown “rager.” Additionally, if you’re the one buying the alcohol, you won’t be expected to “throw down” or pay for any of it, thus saving you a few extra bucks for those late-night munchies.

    They say having patience is a virtue, but when you go to college, you can forget that. Drinking at your local college bar is a rite of passage. After studying for hours in the library only to fail that pointless art history gen ed class, there is no better way to relieve your anger than with some quality time at The Buffet.

    Buying a fake ID is a savvy purchase for any underage Arizona student. As long as you are smart and willing to possibly pay the price, it pays off in the independence you have to buy alcohol at will.

    — Luke Davis is a pre-journalism sophomore. He can be reached at or on Twitter via @WildcatOpinions .

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