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    “On the Spot: David Grimes, Arizona Parkour”

    So why are you bouncing around the trees, jumping over signs, scaring students?

    For the last four years or so we have been working on developing our bodies and minds. In the case of an emergency we will be the most agile and athletic as possible.

    Have you been able to use any of your tricks in any situations yet?

    I’ve been free climbing and I’ve had rock slides where I was actually able to employ maneuvers that I had to save my life from like 50 foot falls and things like that.

    What is the highest thing you can flip or jump over?

    Typically, Parkour is about progression so we try not to be on roofs and things like that because people get hurt a lot on roofs, but eventually, as you get stronger, you push your limits further. I’ve done I think third story roof gaps before.

    So do you identify more with Spider-Man or Batman?

    I’d say Spider-Man’s athleticism and Batman’s nobility.

    Who is the villain?

    I guess it would be our own fear, to be honest. So I guess I am more like Batman in that way. We’re trying to conquer ourselves and train our minds and bodies to let go of traditional concepts.

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