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    “On the spot: Ryan Compton, psychology sophomore”

    Oh, psychology and sociology. Try to crack my brain. Pick my mind.

    Pick your mind? (Aside) I could use that hammer that would solve the problem. I don’t know, I don’t have anything to work with yet.

    Would you delve into people’s psychological problems, or maybe more of a counselor-ing type?

    Well that’s kinda the same thing. Anyway, you just don’t dive right in there, they have to come to you first or else that’s called being an asshole. You kinda learn that in Psych 101. If you don’t take Pysch 101, you take INDV 101 – you don’t learn that.

    Wait, you mean with a Pysch degree you can’t automatically go up to somebody and be like “”You have problems. I need to solve them””?

    No, that’s kind of against the rules.

    That seems like a pretentious psychologist.

    That’s what everyone tries to avoid.

    So Ryan, what have you done this weekend?

    This weekend, I’ve had a wondrous time of mixing drinks and going to dinner with my mother.

    Where did you guys go?

    We went to a Chinese restaurant down on Broadway called Ba-Dar. It’s amazing.

    Spell Ba-Dar.

    B-A slash D-A-R. Wait… dash not slash.

    Well is it a hyphen or is it a dash?

    It’s the line that’s in the middle. That symbol that’s right next to the other lines on the top of the keyboard.

    There’s the big one and then there’s the little one underneath.

    Yeah, you want the one that doesn’t go on the bottom.

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