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    Police Beat

    Exes argue about nude photos
    Police responded to a call for a disturbance Nov. 11 at 2:06 p.m.

    When they arrived, police made contact with a man who said he had met his ex-girlfriend at the UA Main Library. She had come to pick him up. He told officer they had gotten into an argument over a cell phone he left in her car that contained nude pictures of his current girlfriend. The man said his ex-girlfriend threatened to put the pictures on MySpace.

    Another officer made contact with the ex-girlfriend, who said the man had threatened to break her windows. She also said she had a restraining order against the man, but a record check did not reveal an order. The man said he was never served with a restraining order.

    The woman told officer she just wanted to leave and did not want to press charges. Both parties left the area separately.

    Man seen opening lockers at Hillenbrand pool
    Police responded to a call for a suspicious person at the Hillenbrand pool on Nov. 11.

    Police were called by a Tucson Fire Department captain who advised them that an unknown male was seen entering the locker room and looking into lockers. The captain said he advised the team’s coach and confronted the individual who said he had just stopped in for a shower. The unknown man then walked out. The coach said the man did not belong there and he and the coach believed they could identify the man again if they saw him.

    Officers later made contact with an individual who matched the description given by the other men. The two were brought in to identify the man. Both positively identified him as the person who was in the locker room.

    Nothing seemed to be missing from the lockers, so the individual was told not to enter or remain on UA property unless he had a valid reason to be there.

    Phi Gamma Delta, Delta Chi duke it out
    Police responded to an altercation between the Phi Gamma Delta and Delta Chi fraternities Nov. 11 at 1:14 a.m.

    Police got a call to the alley located behind the FIJI house in reference to a fight in progress. Upon arrival, one officer saw 25 to 30 men fighting in the alley. As he drove into the alley, the group dispersed.

    Another officer detained eight members of the Delta Chi fraternity. The officers spoke to the men, who said they heard rocks being thrown at the cars parked in the Delta Chi parking lot, causing alarms to sound. They said this was the result of an earlier argument between some of their members and FIJI. A group of approximately 15 to 20 then went to the FIJI house to confront them. Several of them entered through the rear gates and an argument ensued.

    The argument then spilled into the alley, where the verbal altercation became physical as various members of both fraternities exchanged punches. Police units then arrived and the groups dispersed.

    The officer also spoke with a man from the FIJI fraternity. He said several pledges from the house were confronted at approximately 1 a.m. that morning by members of Delta Chi. Words were exchanged and the two groups went to their respective houses. About 10 minutes later, “”a group of about 20 guys”” entered the FIJI yard and the confrontation took place. He said the Delta Chi members were told several times to leave as both groups walked into the alley before more words were exchanged and “”punches were thrown.””

    A few people sustained minor injuries during the altercation. All parties refused medical treatment.

    Both groups were instructed to return to and stay in their respective houses for the remainder of the night. A referral was forwarded to the Dean of Student’s office.

    Man cites Dr. Pepper as cause of green tongue
    A man was cited and released Nov. 11 at 12:31 a.m. for multiple charges.

    An officer observed a man sitting alone in his car on the fourth floor of the Highland Garage while patrolling the area. The officer made contact with the man who opened the door to speak with him. The officer noticed a thick smoke that smelled strongly of cigarettes exit the vehicle. The man had bloodshot, watery eyes. The officer asked the man to exit the vehicle. As he did, the officer noticed he had a leafy substance across his lap that he shook off quickly while exiting.

    The man stood against the car, leaning on it for support. He swayed slightly. When asked why he was sitting there, he said he was just trying to relax. He said his eyes were red because he was having a difficult time and he had been crying. While he spoke, the officer noticed a strong smell of intoxicants coming from his breath. The man would also laugh at random times, saying he did not know why he was laughing.

    He was asked if he had been drinking and he said he had. A preliminary breath test confirmed the presence of alcohol in the man’s body. When asked if he was smoking, he said he had smoked cigarettes and denied having any marijuana in the vehicle.

    Another officer observed a green leafy substance in the center ash tray. The man said it was from his cigarettes, although he could not explain why it was green. He again denied having any drugs or paraphernalia in the car.

    While he was being interviewed, the man moved around often, putting his hands in and out of his pockets after being asked to keep them out of his pockets. He told officers he did not have a weapon. A pat-down was initiated on the man, who continued to move and disobey the command to stand still while this was done. He told officers he was drinking beer and shots of Captain Morgan in his dorm earlier. When asked what dorm he lived in, he replied “”Arizona-Soronado.”” Police asked him to clarify and he gave the same response.

    Officers told the man if there was any marijuana in the car he should retrieve it. The man said there was not. While he told them this, he began to stock his finger into the middle ashtray that contained the leafy substance and put it onto the ground. He then gave the ashtray to officers.

    Officers checked his tongue and saw that it had a green tint. The man said it was from drinking Dr. Pepper and Captain Morgan. He then admitted to smoking about an hour before making contact with officers. They searched his car and found a brown, rolled blunt that smelled strongly of marijuana, rolling papers and an empty package of Double Platinum blunt wraps.

    The man would not tell officer which dorm he lived in, so a cab was called to take him to his residence.

    He was cited and released for being a minor in possession of alcohol, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was also referred to the Dean of Student’s Office.

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