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    Police Beat

    I’ve been expecting you, darling – oh, never mind

    A man was cited and released for possession of marijuana and being a minor in possession of alcohol on April 11 at 12:07 a.m.

    Police responded to the Sky View Apartments in reference to the smell of marijuana coming from one of the rooms. When they arrived, they made contact with a resident assistant who took them to the room where the smell was coming from.

    A man answered the door and asked police why they were there. They told him they were responding to a report of the odor of marijuana that was coming from his room. The man then told police, “”Let’s do this in the hallway.”” Police suggested it would be better to talk about the situation in the man’s room because he was only wearing a towel. The man opened the door wider as if to step into the hallway and police saw Corona bottles on the table in the room. They asked the man how old he was, and he said 19.

    The man told police they could enter the room. They immediately noticed a strong odor of marijuana inside of the room.

    The man told officers that he was sick and he had just woken up and taken a shower. He also said there was no marijuana in his room.

    Police asked the man to put some pants on, so the man did and returned a short time later. On the counter, an officer noticed marijuana mixed with cigarette tobacco. The tobacco had been emptied from a cigarette wrapper and the wrapper lay open as if it was going to be used to put marijuana in it to smoke.

    The officers asked the man about the marijuana substance on the counter. The man said that he knew nothing about it. He also told the officers that his two roommates were out of town for the weekend so they had not been home. He then asked the officers if he could call his lawyer.

    The man allowed police to search the room. They found a fire safe security box and asked the man to open it. The man said that he did not have the key anymore because he lost it. He then changed his mind, found the key and opened the box. Inside, officers saw a small baggie of what appeared to be marijuana, although it was more refined. The man said that the small baggie contained Salvia.

    The man was cited and released for being a minor in possession of alcohol and possession of marijuana. He was also referred to the Dean of Students Office.

    Drunk driver doesn’t know red from green

    A man was arrested on multiple DUI counts and a traffic violation on April 13 at 1:20 a.m.

    While on patrol eastbound on Sixth Street, an officer saw a car turn westbound on Sixth Street from Tucson Boulevard. The car was shaking, as if it had hit the curb. The officer made a U-turn and followed the car.

    At Campbell Avenue, the car switched lanes and then ran a red left-turn light. The officer initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver.

    The man handed police his information. The officer asked the man why he ran a red light. The man then asked the officer if he was sure that the light was red. He told the officer that he thought the light had been green.

    The officer noticed that the man seemed confused about what was going on, especially with the light. The officer asked the man to step out of the vehicle.

    The man was unsteady on his feet and moved slowly toward the officer. He smelt of intoxicants.

    When asked if he had been drinking, the man said yes. The officer then asked the man where he was coming from, but the man told him that he could not remember.

    The officer administered a field sobriety test and the man showed signs of intoxication. He was transported to the University of Arizona Police Department station for a Breathalyzer, where he registered a .185 blood-alcohol content.

    The man was cited and released to his parents for DUI to the slightest degree, DUI with a blood alcohol content above .08, extreme DUI with a BAC .15 or higher and failure to stop for a red light. His car was impounded.

    Yes, the UA owns this sofa

    A man was cited and released for third degree criminal trespassing on April 13 at 3:18 p.m.

    Police responded to the Anthropology building in response to a man sleeping on a sofa near the south entrance.

    They made contact with the man who said that he was there asking the staff questions when he sat down to rest.

    The man had been contacted by UAPD twice in the month of April about trespassing on campus. He had been told to keep away from UA owned, rented or controlled property.

    The man was cited and released on scene. He was given an exclusionary order banning him from any UA property for six months. He was told that he could be arrested if he was on UA property again.

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