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    Police Beat

    Officers respond to reported stabbing
    Police responded to check the condition of a student at the Arizona-Sonora dorm Friday after they got a call saying he had been stabbed.

    Officers went to the student’s room and made contact with him. He said he was attacked by a white male with an orange beard somewhere off campus north of Speedway. He could not give officers a better location.

    The student said that the man demanded money and then stabbed his midsection with a knife. The student said he then hit the male with his fist and ran from the scene. The man showed officers a quarter-inch blemish that appeared to be an old scar, saying that was where the knife had nicked him. The student also said that his left small finger may have been injured during the altercation.

    The man could not provide any other information about his attacker except that, “”He was a drunk, crackhead.”” When asked if he wanted medical attention, he refused. He then told the officer, “”I don’t want to do anything about this. I don’t want to make a report because nothing happened.”” He then declined to discuss the incident any further.

    Police soon departed from the room at the student’s request. He followed officers to the lobby and said, “”Nothing happened, my friends just freaked when I got back to my room and called the police.””

    He was asked if this was his official statement, that nothing happened and there was no attack. He said, “”Yeah, nothing happened and there is nothing to report. Like I said, my friends just freaked out. That’s my official statement.””

    Student issued citation for alcohol
    A student was cited and released for minor in possession Friday evening.

    Police responded to a medical call at Skyview Apartments; paramedics were already on scene. Upon their arrival they saw a female laying on the ground, surrounded by vomit. She told officers that she had some vodka to drink. She also said “”I don’t know how I got home.”” She was cleared to stay in her room and recover.

    The woman was cited and released and referred to the dean of students.

    Two belligerent women cited for alcohol
    Two females were cited and released on minor in possession of alcohol charges after cops found them stumbling in an alley.

    Police saw the two women and decided to check their condition. Both admitted to being 19 when questioned. They smelt strongly of intoxicants and one of them appeared “”very belligerent”” to officers. She was verbally argumentative and swayed while standing.

    Both girls admitted to drinking at the Delta Chi fraternity earlier in the evening. The females told officers that they lived in the Pima dorm. They then asked if they could just go back and forget that this had happened because they did not want to get into any trouble. After some questioning, it was discovered that they actually lived in the Sam Hughes neighborhood.

    They were cited, released, referred to the dean of students and then given a ride back to their residence. Upon exiting the car one of the girls yelled, “”You asshole! You’re a fucking asshole! Fuck you!”” and then ran into her apartment.

    Underage woman cited for alcohol
    A female was caught drinking from an open bottle outside of a fraternity house Friday evening.

    An officer observed a woman get out of a cab in the alley behind the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, while holding a champagne bottle. She then put the bottle to her lips and began to drink.

    Upon making contact with police, the woman handed the bottle, which was about half-full, to the officer, and then jumped back into the cab. She attempted to get out on the other side, but was unable to exit the cab because of other passengers.

    She told the officer that she had been drinking at an off-campus party earlier. She smelt strongly of intoxicants and swayed while talking to the officer.

    She was cited and released for minor in possession charges and referred to the dean of students.

    Man cited for minor in possession
    A man was cited and released for minor in possession after becoming ill Saturday.

    Police responded to a call in the Gila Dorm. When police arrived, paramedics were already on scene. They observed a man throwing up in a bathroom sink. The man told officers that he “”was drinking at a frat house”” earlier in the evening and that he was drinking in excess because “”I like those guys, so I drank.”” He said that he drank vodka and “”some other stuff”” throughout the evening.

    The man was cited and released for minor in possession. Paramedics cleared him and he was released to his roommates’ care. He did not tell officers what fraternity he was drinking at.

    Police respond to suspicious package
    Police were dispatched to a suspicious package call at the Pi Beta Phi sorority house Saturday.

    The house mother contacted police to inspect a suspicious package the sorority had received about a week earlier. Upon arrival police were shown a small box which contained a smaller brown box inside of it form a company called Digikey.

    The inner box contained two glass vials and a large quantity of unused syringes. One of the vials had a light yellow liquid; the other was a brown glass vial that was slightly smaller than the clear one. Both vials were unlabeled and sealed.

    The package appeared to be shipped by U.S. Postal Service. The house mother said that the box had been opened when she found it and does not know which member of the sorority opened the box. It was addressed to one of the girls in the sorority.

    Police took possession of the box and contacted the U.S. Postal Service to see if this was a matter they would investigate.

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