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    “On the Spot: Jay Fetzer, business sophomore”

    What’s with the double backpacks? You have two identical backpacks on. Why?

    It’s for Campus MovieFest. I was in two groups, so I have to take both backpacks back and return them.

    Tell me about the movie you made.

    Oh, well I don’t want give away too many dirty details but inside scoop — on the down low — it’s about people in life and how they are connected in more ways than they know, and it’s about five minutes (long). It’s kind of cool; you should definitely check it out.

    That sounds really deep. Did you draw on personal experience for that?

    No, no I just edited it. My friend actually came up with the story. They shot it and then gave me all the footage, which I edited.

    Interesting … is there a particular movie that you could relate your own life to, since we are on the topic of films?


    Why? You’re totally an Edward Cullen aren’t you?

    I was thinking more Team Jacob.

    Whoa, that’s my team. Anyway, why?

    Werewolves, I don’t know they just turn me on, what can I say?

    How do you feel about Bella?

    Oh, she’s too pasty for my taste. Get a little tan going and we’ll talk about it.

    Is there a girl in your life that is kind of like a Bella to you? Maybe like a best friend who you wish was something more?

    I’d have to go with my best friend Shawn Sidwell’s girl.

    Since you are into films, what are you feeling about “”The Social Network,”” which comes out on Friday?

    People probably don’t know but David Fincher, he’s the director, directed “”Fight Club,”” “”Seven”” and “”Benjamin Button””; he’s a beast. It’s going to be good, for sure. I mean, who doesn’t like Facebook …

    Obviously. Justin Timberlake is in it, so that’s an added bonus.

    Justin Timberlake is my boy; sing, dance, act — he is quite the man.

    Isn’t he gay in the movie coming up?

    He might be. I am still going to see it. He is the bomb, like your shoes.

    So you’d prefer a girl wearing sneakers to a girl wearing heels?

    Oh yeah — heels just make you look like you’re uncomfortable with your height, and Dunks just say ‘I don’t care and I’m here to party.’

    — Caroline Nachazel

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