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    OPINION: Our country needs an independent president more than ever

    Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS
    President Donald Trump during a meeting with Don Bouvet, who has been battling cancer, in the Oval Office of the White House, on Friday, Feb. 9, 2018, in Washington, D.C.

    With President Trump coming into office in 2017, the country has seen so much more division than ever before. The two-party system has divided our country enormously in the past few years. This is not because of President Trump necessarily but more because of the hatred between Republicans and Democrats. Independents are usually a party that can be somewhat overlooked at times. The only third-party president that has ever won an election in the United States’ history was George Washington. A great example of how Independent candidates were overlooked was the past election against President Trump and Hillary Clinton. A great deal of people were voting for their candidate because they were not the other. It was, like many other elections, a choice between the lesser of the evils, as many people viewed it. I had always considered myself more conservative until I noticed just how extremely right and left each party was becoming. The parties were becoming increasingly radical and set in their ways.

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    Currently, statistics show 42 percent of voting Americans consider themselves Independents, while 30 percent consider themselves Democrats and only 26 percent consider themselves Republicans. The rise in the Independent party is clearly increasing since previous years for a reason. This might have a lot to do with the negative connotations belonging to the right and left parties. Discussing politics should not be so risky — relationships have ended because of differences in parties, just as family has been turned against one and other. Respecting one’s party is something very few people are capable of. Most voting citizens feel the need to defend their beliefs and prove that they are correct in believing them.

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    The reason why our country needs an Independent president now more than ever has so much to do with the division our country is undergoing. Social media has only intensified this issue, especially during elections. It would be nice to see how America would react if the two-party system was abandoned. Of course, it will never completely be left behind. However, having an Independent president would likely unite political parties and create a less judgmental and hostile country. An independent president would theoretically be able to work with the House and Congress without government shutdowns or hostility due to differences in political party. The president could then more effectively create change throughout the country. 

    Independents pride themselves on being a mesh between the two more radical parties. Government shutdowns are so harmful to citizens and cause so much stress among the working people. If there could be any way to avoid situations like this, it would be a tremendous improvement in our government. Our country needs a president who is capable of compromise, leading to a more unified country. It would be nice to have a president in office who can listen to both political parties without much bias and be able to proceed in a manner that will benefit both the Republicans and Democrats. 

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