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    Police Beat

    Minors arrested on intoxication charges

    Two students were arrested on charges of minor with spirituous liquor in body just after midnight last Tuesday.

    While conducting a check of the Highland Avenue Garage, an officer noticed two males riding longboards on the top level of the garage. As the officer drove towards them, one subject began to run toward the southwest stairwell. The other subject rode his longboard toward the stairwell, fell off, then picked up his longboard and continued running.

    The officer observed the subjects from the top level of the garage and radioed other officers for assistance. Another officer in a patrol vehicle stopped the subjects at the bottom of the garage. The officer in the garage joined the other officer and noted an odor of intoxicants coming from the subjects.

    When asked about their ages, one male said he was 19 and the other said he was 18. Both subjects said they had drunk five Keystone Light beers each. When given field sobriety and breath tests, both subjects showed a presence of alcohol in their systems.

    Both subjects were arrested on charges of minor with spirituous liquor in body and given verbal warnings not to skateboard in parking garages or perform tricks on university property.

    They were cited and released on the scene.

    Man gives false ID to police

    Officers arrived at Coronado Residence Hall at 12:07 a.m. on Tuesday in response to a call about a disruptive person.

    When police approached the male subject and asked for identification, the subject said he had left his ID at home and gave them his name. A records check showed that the name he had given was invalid. When police told him he was going to be transported to Pima County Jail he gave his correct name. When asked if he was a student, he replied, “”no,”” and an affiliation check showed he was enrolled in Eller College.

    The student said he was visiting a friend and gave his friend’s name, which a record check showed to be false. The resident assistant of the floor reported that the student was being loud and disruptive in the elevator, and when she asked the student to get out of the elevator, he replied, “”Fuck you!””

    The subject was arrested on charges of minor with spirituous liquor in body and false reporting to police officers and was cited and released on the scene.

    Dumpster fire reported

    Police arrived at the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity at 1:32 a.m. in response to a dumpster fire.

    When officers arrived, several fraternity members were attempting to hose down the fire. Tucson Fire Department arrived at 1:37 a.m. and extinguished the fire.

    Police spoke with a house member who said he had seen two males in a gray car drive off shortly before noticing the fire. The member also noted that there was a private party at the house, and several people were leaving around the time the fire started.

    A Tucson Fire Department inspector classified the fire as non-arson/suspicious and advised the fraternity to conduct a fire watch for the remainder of the night.

    Dorm residents caught with marijuana

    Two residents of Coronado Residents Hall were arrested for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

    When officers approached their room, they noted a strong odor of burnt marijuana. When a student opened the door and policed asked if they could enter, the student replied, “”Yeah, come on in.”” Another male student was in the room.

    When asked if he knew why police were there, the first student responded, “”Yeah, ’cause we were smoking weed.”” The students produced two baggies of marijuana, a glass pipe and a Campbell’s Soup can with a false bottom that screws off and contained a baggie of marijuana.

    Both students were arrested, cited and released on the scene.

    Woman cited for underage drinking

    Officers approached a female on the corner on Tyndall Avenue and 6th Street with red, watery eyes and a strong odor of intoxicants.

    When asked if she had been drinking, she said, “”I don’t lie and hold myself accountable. I drank some beers tonight.””

    A records check showed she was 19 years old, and a breath test confirmed the presence of alcohol in her system.

    She was arrested on charges of minor with spirituous liquor in body, cited and released on the scene.

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