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    Police Beat

    Two men were arrested at the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority house, 1071 N. Mountain Ave., for disorderly conduct Friday after they were involved in a fight inside of the house’s kitchen.

    An officer was completing paperwork in his vehicle in the alley west of the house on North Mountain Avenue when a woman flagged him down.

    She said she was with her husband who had just been assaulted by the sorority house’s chef. Seconds after the woman flagged him down, the officer saw a man walking between several parked cars bleeding from his head and mouth.

    The man had a cloth pressed against his forehead. The officer requested a second unit and medical assistance for the man.

    The man said he was there to pick up his wife from work. There had been a verbal confrontation between the man’s wife and the chef earlier in the day while they were at work.

    When the man entered the house, the chef armed himself with a broomstick in anticipation of a fight and approached him. The man said he only came to the house to pick up his wife and did not want to fight. The chef came closer to the man and pushed him in the stomach. The man then swung and hit the chef in the mouth with his fist and took away the broomstick.

    While the chef picked up another stick, the man used the broomstick and hit the chef in the head.

    The chef said he was in the kitchen working when the man came to pick up his wife, approached him and said, “”Call me a bitch.””

    He said the man’s wife put her hands on his face and when he swatted them away the fight began. The man’s wife is in the Air Force and was in uniform when the disorderly conduct occurred.

    The chef and the man’s wife were told not to return to the sorority house until they had received permission from the house mom.

    The men were cited and released.

    A man was cited and released for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia as well as minor in possession of spirituous liquor not in body Friday at Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall, 1420 E. Fifth St. Two officers were dispatched to the residence hall in response to an odor of marijuana coming from one of the rooms.

    When the officers arrived they smelled the burnt marijuana and knocked on the door. A man answered the door and allowed the officers to enter his room. Upon entering, the odor of marijuana was very strong.

    The man said he did not smell anything and consented to a search. During the search the officer found unused, small bits of marijuana covering the door and two opened Bud Light beers on the man’s window ledge.

    On the man’s bookshelf the officers found a box of “”Peaches and Cream”” rolling papers and a small plastic bag containing marijuana. A towel was stuffed into the air vent inside the man’s closet.

    When asked why he put a towel there the man said, “”Because that’s why I was caught last time.”” He then explained that he had previously been arrested for possession of marijuana because he was caught smoking in his room when the odor had wafted into the hall.

    The officer explained to the man that the odor of marijuana was impossible to mask or hide. The man was cited and released and referred to the dean of students.

    A woman was arrested for minor in possession at 1501 N. Campbell Ave. Saturday. The officer made conduct with the woman at North Park Avenue and East Speedway Boulevard after he saw her stagger and fall into the street while pushing her bicycle.

    The woman could barely stand, and the officer helped her sit down on a curb. The officer requested medical assistance for the woman’s extreme intoxication. The woman began vomiting, and told the officer she had been drinking wine and beer.

    The fire department responded and transported the woman to the University Medical Center.

    The officer arrived at UMC a few hours later to find the woman awake and responsive.

    He cited and released her for minor with spirituous liquor in body.

    Her bicycle was transported to UAPD for safekeeping.

    An unknown male damaged a remote-controlled electric airplane at the Meinel Optical Sciences building, 630 E. University Blvd., Sunday.

    An officer was called to the building to speak to a man who said he was flying his electric airplane on the UA Mall when he lost control of the airplane and it landed in the vicinity of the building.

    A man with a thin build, wearing a white baseball cap, a white lab coat and black knee length shorts picked up the airplane from the mall and ran south toward the building.

    When the owner arrived, an unknown female passerby informed him that his plane was on the north sidewalk of the optical sciences building and a man had thrown the airplane from the roof of the building.

    The airplane was destroyed. The man said he was willing to pursue criminal charges against the other man if he was found.

    The building was cordoned off by two police aides and a floor-by-floor search of the building by the officer failed to locate the man.

    There were no items of evidence at the scene.

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