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    Police Beat

    Graduate student yells at guests about late party

    Police were dispatched to the La Aldea graduate apartments for a disturbance Nov. 5 at 10:22 p.m.

    Police were called in reference to a possible fight. While attempting to locate the room that was reported, the officer was flagged down by a man in the hall. The man said the disturbance was in a different room. The officer went to the door and could hear many voices inside the room. He reported he could not make out what they were saying, but it was apparent the people were in distress. The officer knocked on the door several times and told the occupants to let him in. Nobody opened the door. The door was slightly ajar, so the officer opened it. He saw a female occupant and asked to come in. The woman said yes.

    Upon entering the room, the officer saw a female subject standing in front of the door yelling at various occupants. The officer told the woman to leave the room and stand outside the door. She complied.

    The officer exited the room and made contact with the man who had flagged him down. The man said he had gone to the room to celebrate his friend’s birthday. While in there, the woman entered the room and began to yell at him and the other people in the room. Due to her yelling, he attempted to leave the room, but could not because the woman was blocking the door. After repeated attempts he was finally able to leave. He returned shortly after because he decided he wanted to see his friends.

    The officer then talked with the female subject. She said she was a resident of the room and had attempted to enter earlier when she found that she was unable to unlock the door. She said she knocked for almost 10 minutes before her roommates let her in. After entering the room, she found many people inside making a lot of noise. She said she told the people to leave the room because of the late hour and the noise. They refused, saying that they would not leave because they were guests of her roommates and the roommates had not told them to leave. Their refusal upset the woman and she began to yell. When she realized no one was going to leave, she decided to stand in front of the door and call the police. The woman said the man who had flagged down the officers then tried to leave, but she refused to let him by. She claimed he pushed her in order to get by.

    The officer made contact with the rest of the people in the room, including the woman’s two roommates. The people in the room said she had gotten angry when they would not leave and began to yell. They showed the officer a video one of the guests had taken with their cell phone. The video showed the woman hitting one of her roommates on the arms as she stood in front of the door. It also showed the woman walking toward the person videotaping and hitting them and their camera. The occupants said they did not see the man push the woman to get out of the room.

    The roommates said they had problems with the woman since they moved in together in September. Neither roommate wanted to press charges against the woman who was assaulting others. The resident assistant on duty was notified of the incident.

    Man treated for injuries from biking accident

    A man was taken to University Medical Center for a head injury, Nov. 6 at 9:22 p.m.

    Police were dispatched to the Warren tunnel to assist Tucson Fire Department with a medical call. Upon arrival, police found a man being treated for a head injury and the man’s friend.

    The friend told police he and the man ate dinner earlier in the evening. While eating, he said the man drank three to four 12-ounce beers. After eating, the man said they rode their bikes and entered the tunnel. At this point, the man rode ahead of him, out of sight. The friend said he did not see the man fall, but when he approached the north end of the tunnel, he saw the man lying down and immediately called 911.

    The man was transported to UMC because of the severity of his injury. At the hospital, the man said that he had four to five beers at dinner and he did not remember why he fell, but remembered hitting the ground.

    The man suffered a severe head injury, some bruising on his shoulder and a scraped knee.

    Man cited in computer lab for masturbating

    A man was cited and released for disturbing the peace Nov. 6 at 12:30 p.m.

    Officers were called to the Electrical and Computer Engineering computer lab. When they arrived, they made contact with the man who called them. He said that while he was walking by the computer lab, he saw a man looking at pornography with his hands between his legs moving really fast. He thought the man was masturbating.

    Police made contact with the man in the lab. He was looking at pictures of naked women with his hand stroking the top of his pants, where there was a bulge. He did not have an exposed penis.

    Police asked the man if he was looking at pornography. He said yes. He also said he was masturbating to it. He was then asked if this was his first time doing this in the computer lab, to which he replied, “”No, I’ve done it at least three or four times before.””

    The man was cited and released for disorderly conduct.

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