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    In response to “Women reclaim ‘slut’ with walk that strives for gender equality” (by Sarah-Jayne Simon, Nov. 19):

    Reclaim the word ‘slut’? “[Slut] is such a pervasive word.”

    These statements are a bit confusing to me. Slut is a pejorative term. I don’t understand what Olukemi Oso means when she says it’s a pervasive word. From my point of view, why would a anyone try to embrace or “reclaim” a demeaning word?

    Regardless, the only thing I agree with is that victims of sexual assault should in no way be blamed for what happened to them.

    — Dave

    In response to “ABOR meeting could decide fate of ASA student fee” (by Brittny Mejia, Nov. 15):

    “Bryant said students cannot speak or give statements of support at the meeting at the end of the month, but regents will take in evidence and make a decision on ASA. Bryant said ASA members will attend to have a student presence there.”

    Well, this impartially represents the sentiments of the general student body and not just the special interests of the group whose source of funding is in question. I wonder how well these students will be represented.

    “University students are divided regarding what should be done with the fee. Some of the options proposed in past meetings have been to eliminate the fee altogether, or to create an opt-in for those students interested in supporting the organization.”

    This may answer that question.

    “ASA directors and board members plan to meet with regent members to answer any questions regarding finances or the organization and “explain the importance of ASA and having a collective student voice,” King said.

    “It’s really hard to tell what’s going to happen,” he added. “That’s kind of the point of meeting with regents, getting the student voice to the regents so they understand why ASA is important and getting students who aren’t directors to contact regents and share their one thing to keep ASA on campus and keep the fee going.”

    This is interesting, apparently the ASA doesn’t actually need the $2 fee to survive: “Whether the regents decide to remove the fee, King said the organization would have a plan in place to keep ASA running.

    “Hypothetically, if the regents decided to pull our fee in general, that obviously would be incredibly harmful to our organization,” King added, “But we will have enough time with the money we have in our reserves to operate as an organization and find ways to be funded.”

    “The more transparent the better, because concerns I’ve been getting from students and others around is the lack of knowledge over where the money is going,” King said.”

    Yeah that would be a good concern to address. It might even be more of an expectation than a concern. Maybe it would make the ASUA think twice before spending the money on things like this.

    “At the end of the day, we’re all working toward the same goal,” King said. “If the students are pitted against each other then we’re not accomplishing anything.”

    Maybe the issue is not that you aren’t accomplishing anything because students are pitted against one another, but rather, they are pitted against the ASUA because it doesn’t really accomplish anything.

    —Steven Sleight

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