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    Police Beat

    Student found after being hit by car
    A student was not cited for minor in possession after two interactions with officers, one of which led them to believe he was hit by a car.

    Police responded to the Navajo Stadium dorm where the Tucson Fire Department was on scene. They had been called because there was a male subject asking for water. He was bleeding from the face and could not remember how he sustained the cuts. Reports stated that he smelt strongly of intoxicants and had bloodshot, watery eyes. The man was also having a difficult time staying awake. He was transported to University Medical Center for intoxication.

    Police were then called to UMC to follow up on the call. They said although he had been brought in for intoxication, they discovered that the man’s injuries were consistent with being hit by a car. Nurses told officers that he had a lacerated liver and possible neck and back injuries and that he was being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for further examination. Officers tried to talk to the student, but he was in too much pain to answer questions. The student’s parents were on scene and said that he had made reference to getting hit by a car.

    Police did not cite the student for MIP. They did request that detectives follow up with the student for a possible hit-and-run case.

    Woman cited for alcohol
    A woman was cited and released for minor in possession early Saturday morning.

    Police were called to check on a female who appeared extremely intoxicated. Upon contact, police tried to get her identity; however, she had difficulty spelling her name. They were able to identify her through her credit cards. She told officers that she was only 18.

    She had a strong smell of intoxicants coming from her breath and was unable to stand when officers attempted to test her for inebriation. They told her to lean on a wall so she would not fall down, since she swayed while talking to officers. She said that she had been drinking at a party at a friend’s house off campus and had “”two mixed drinks with vodka.””

    The woman was cited and released for MIP. She then asked officers for a ride to the Coronado dorm, where she lived.

    Mother contacts police about ‘confused’ son
    Police were contacted by a student’s mother after he called her in a “”confused”” state.

    The mother called officers and asked them to locate her son after he had called her and said that he was confused and that he “”possibly took some acid.”” He had told his mother that he could see a “”Marriott”” and a “”Jack in the Box”” from where he was standing. The woman could not provide any other information about her son or where he might live in Tucson, only that he was a UA student.

    After checking the area, police failed to find the student. His father called the University of Arizona Police Department back shortly after, saying that his son had returned to his apartment and that he was all right. The father was unable to provide his son’s address.

    About half an hour later, the student’s vehicle was found in a lot on campus. The doors had been left standing open and the keys to the vehicle were found on the ground adjacent to the vehicle. A man secured the vehicle and turned the keys over to UAPD.

    Fight breaks out in Coronado
    Police responded to a call for a fight in the Coronado dorm Saturday.

    When they arrived, two men appeared to be in the center of the lobby with a group gathered around them.

    Police intervened and ordered the men to separate from each other. One of the men moved back, but the other one responded, “”Fuck you,”” when asked to step back. The officer then ordered him to sit down on the floor. He replied, “”You can’t tell me what to do.”” The officer then forced him to the floor.

    Reports said that the man smelt of intoxicants and had slurred speech.

    The officer then asked the other man what was happening. He explained, “”Hey, I’m just breaking them up. My friend is a little drunk and I’m trying to get him home.”” Two other witnesses confirmed this story.

    The officer then went back to the first man. He noticed that he had abrasions on his nose and on his right cheek. The man’s eyes were bloodshot and he swayed when standing. The man refused medical attention and told officers, “”I don’t want to press any charges, please just forget about this.”” The man then started to cry and said, “”I’m a baseball player and I don’t want to get in any trouble.”” Police asked if he knew the man who assaulted him. He said it was just “”some other guy”” and that he didn’t want to tell officers any more about the man.

    Officers asked the man if he had been drinking. He first told them no, but officers informed him that their observations showed otherwise. He then said, “”Yeah, I guess it’s obvious.”” The man continued to cry and declined to comment further.

    The other man was then interviewed. He told officers that a blonde man struck his friend in the head for no reason. He told police he did not want to talk about it anymore to respect his friend’s wishes.

    No charges were pressed and the other suspect was not found.

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