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    On the Spot

    On the Spot

    We saw Sarah Goertz, a sophomore majoring in family studies and human development and Russian, walking over by Dunkin’ Donuts on East University Boulevard.

    Wildcat: OK, you’re on the spot. Actually, can I get your name?

    Goertz: Sarah Goertz.

    W: I recognize your last name. What’s your major?

    G: Family studies and human development and Russian.

    W: What’s your year?

    G: Sophomore.

    W: And where are you from?

    G: Tucson.

    W: Wait, where from Tucson?

    G: Eastside.

    W: Oh, have you seen the news today?

    G: No.

    W: There was a building that burned down on the Eastside.

    G: Oh no.

    W: I’m trying to remember. I think some people died. It was a corporation. There are a lot of buildings on the Eastside. Do you know, are there major corporations…

    G: Um. Can’t think of them off the top of my head.

    W: You don’t live there, do you?

    G: No.

    W: Do your parents?

    G: Yeah.

    W: I hope they’re OK. I mean, it wasn’t a lot of people that died. It should probably be in the paper. Well, you’ll see it later on the news. Anyway, do you think healthcare is a major issue in the presidential campaign?

    G: Yes.

    W: Why?

    G: Because it involves so many citizens and people in a wide spectrum.

    W: What candidate do you think addresses healthcare the best way?

    G: I really am not focused that much on politics so far, so I would not know.

    W: What do you think about disaster relief? Because that’s not really just a political issue, it’s a social issue too. If buildings burn down, or tornadoes or hurricanes or something like that…

    G: I definitely think it’s an issue that we need to help support.

    W: When things like that happen, how do you think the city government should respond?

    G: In a way to provide aid immediately for relief.

    W: What do you think about hospital visits for immigrants? Burn victims, or people that are here illegally? Say they get burned in a fire or something.

    G: I’m not sure. I see both sides, because I work in a hospital. And I see how much debt it brings the hospitals into…

    W: You work in a hospital?

    G: Tucson Medical Center.

    W: Is that over on the Eastside?

    G: No, it’s on Craycroft and Grant. That area. A lot of illegal immigrants come there, so they’re in a lot of debt. But I also see the need to help people regardless.

    W: OK, I hope everything’s OK. And by the way, that was an April Fools’ Day joke.

    G: Are you serious? Oh my goodness.

    – interview by Andi Berlin

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